Best Naturopathic Doctor Near Me in Rochester, NY

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In this post, I will share the names and contacts of the Best Holistic / Naturopathic Doctor Near Me in Rochester, NY. Many people are always looking for the best doctors, but they are always confused about it. That’s why we share the Holistic / Naturopathic Doctor Near Me in Rochester, NY by searching a lot from different places on the internet.

Best Holistic / Naturopathic Doctor Near Me in Rochester, NY

Name: Laura Sleggs
Qualifications: Naturopath, ND
Address: Upper Cervical Chiropractic of Rochester, 749 East Henrietta Road, Rochester, NY 14623
Contact: (585) 454-8813
Cost per Session: $45 – $260
Name: Leslie James, MD
Qualifications: Naturopath, ND
Address: 2851 Clover St Pittsford, NY 14534
Contact: (585) 641-7102
Name: Dr. Azhar Tahir
Qualifications: MD- Holistic Natural & Integrative Medicine
Address: 2748 East Hnrietta Rd HENRITTA, NY 14467
Contact: (888) 963-6033
Name: Dr. Pam Grover
Qualifications: MD
Address: 421 Penbrooke Dr Penfield, NY 14526
Contact: (585) 623-4430
Name: Dr. Leila
Address: 4414 Culver Road, Rochester NY 14622
Contact: (585) 773-4777,
Fax: (888) 344-2488
Name: Dr. Lindsay Batek
Address: Flower City Naturopathy, 95 Allens Creek Road, Building 1, Suite 104, Rochester, NY 14618
Contact: (585) 322-4695
Name: Dr. Deanna Hope Berman
Address: 206 Rachel Carson Way, Ithaca, NY 14850
Contact: (607) 272-7390
Fax: (844) 478-9726
Name: Dr. Bonnie Cronin
Address: 2349 Monroe Ave, Rochester, NY 14618
Contact: (585) 394-3490
Fax: (585) 394-3567
Name: Dr. Joseph M. DelGrosso
Address: 152 W Commercial St, 2nd Floor, East Rochester NY, 14445
Contact: (585) 678-5095
Fax: (585) 698-1585
Name: Dr. Zendi Moldenhauer
Address: Arbor Health – 613 Pittsford Victor Rd, Pittsford, NY 14534
Contact: 585-924-3300
Fax: 800-748-0281

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