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Welcome to the Jibok Barrackpore Doctor List Post. Jibok Barrackpore Has Gained an excellent reputation for its good quality Medical services. Every year thousands of patients from different parts of Barrackpore go to this hospital for better treatment. So before getting treatment in this hospital, many people want to know the hospital Doctor’s list. Today I shared this Hospital all Doctor List through this post.

Jibok Barrackpore Address & Contact

Address: 15 no, 32 3, Barrackpore-Barasat Rd, Rail Gate, Rabindrapally, Nabapally, Kolkata, West Bengal, 700122
Phone: 033 2545 0812

Jibok Barrackpore Doctor List

Child specialist

Dr. Sayan bose
Md (paed.) m.R.C.P.C.H.I ,,ii(u.K)

Pediatric surgeon

Dr. Sujoy Maitra
Ms, DNB, mch, mrcs (eng) fmas (pediatric surgeon) assistant prof. Medical College

Cardiologist (interventional)

Prof. (dr.) Amal Kumar khan
Md (med), dm (cardio), ex- sskm hospital

Dr. Pradip saha
Md (med), dm (cardio), r.G kar hospital

Dr. Anindaya sarkar
Md,dm (cardio),mrcp (ii) (uk),sskm hosp.

Physician & cardiologist

Prof. (dr.) h. S. Pathak
Md(med), jnm hospital (kalyani)

Prof. (dr.) jyotirmoy pal
Md,ficp,facp, frcp,r g kar medical college

Dr. R. N. Maity
Md (med), ex-gandhi hospital

Dr.Probir Ganguly
Md (med) dip.Card, neheru hospital

Diabetologist & endocrinologist

Dr. Sujit Bhattacharya
Md, dm (pgi) , dnb, mrcp(uk),cmri hospital

Dr. Kaustubh chatterjee
D.C.H, m.D (med) dm (endo), asst.Prof,nrs

Dr. Arjun baidya
Md,dm (endocrinology)sskm hospital

Rheumatology &physical medicine

Dr. Jayanta saha
Md (kol) physical med. Rheumatology

Orthopedic surgeon

Dr. Santanu banerjee
Ms(ortho) kol

Dr.Gourab chatterjee
Mbbs,dnb (ortho),r.G kar hospital


Dr. Prithwish bhaumik
Md (pstchiatrist) aiims (new delhi)

Dr. Sayandip ghosh
Mbbs, dpm (cal). Fips

Dr. Subhash ch roy
Md (psy), dpm ., dip. Card (kol)attach : paviav & gobra mentalhospital

Neurologist / neurosurgeon

Dr. Sumonta sarkar
Md, dm (neuro) sskm hospital

Dr. Gitanjali datta
Mch (neuro surgery) b.I.N. Sskm hospital

Dr. Punybrata barma
Md, dpm, dm, neuro, associate prof. Bankura sm collage

Dr.Tapas banerjee
Md(med), dm (neuro)

Prof. (dr.) t.N. Kundu
Md (med), dm (neuro)neuro medicine, b.I.N. Kolkata

Gastroentrologist & hepatologist

Prof. (dr.) kingshuk dhar
Md, dnb (med), dm, dnb (gastro) r. G. Kar medical collage & hospital

Dr. Pradipta guha
Md, dnb, dm,(gastro)

Dr.Debjoy sau
Md, dm,(gastro) r. G. Kar medical collage & hospital

Dr. Jayanta Samantha
Mbbs (gold medelist), md pgi chandigarh, dm (gastro)

Urologist & surgeon

Prof.(dr.) supriyo basu
Ms, mch r.G. Kar medical college & hospital

Dr. Manas Kr. Mandal
Ms, mch

Chest physician (pulmonary medicine)

Dr. Debraj jash
Md , dnb, mrcp (pulmonary & critical ) att apollo gleneagles

Dr.Dhrubojyoti Roy
Md (kol) dnb (med) dtcd (gold medelist)colombia asia hospital

Dr. Priyanka Ghosh
Md, dnb (chest medecine), sugar dutta hospital

Ear, nose & throat (e. N. T.)

Dr. Dipankar Datta
Ms (Hons) Kol

Dr. Pranabashish banerjee
Ms (kol)ms (e.N.T) (gold med.) mrcs (lon)

Dr. Debabrata Biswas
Ms (Kol) r.G. Kar medical college & hospital


Dr. Sandip Bhattacharya
Md, dm (nephron)

Dr. Koushik Bhattacharya
Md, (med), dm (nephron)

Skin, leprologist, sex & hair

Dr. Sudip das
Md, aiims (new delhi) dnb frcp (edm) prof hod

Dr. Ramesh Chandra Gharmi
Md (skin)(jitmer) associate prof. M.C & hospital

Dr. A. K. Hore
Md (kol), frstm (london)

Gynae, obstetrician & laparoscopy

Prof. (dr.) p.K. Biswas
Md (o & g) kol, (c.N.M.C & hospital)

Dr. C. K. Saha
Md (o& g) pgi, chandigarh

Dr.R. N. Sarkar
Md (o & g)b.N. Bose hospital

Dr. Sanjib Karmakar
Md (o& g)(cal)

Dr. Ononna das (jash)
Mbbs, ms (o&g),bhu, fmas, fellowship in art, laparoscopic surgeon & infertility specialist

Dr. Jayasree aich
Dgo (kol), fic, m.C.H (o&g)

Dr. Rochita Banerjee
Dgo (kol), md (o & g) Kol

Dr. Sonali ganguly
Dgo (kol) o&g

General & laparoscopy surgeon

Dr. Debasis Roy
Ms (kol) dipals, fmas

Dr. Subikash Biswas
Ms (kol) mrcs (england) fmas (asst. Prof. Jnm hospital)

Prof. (dr.) d. Goutam
Ms (kol) medical collage & hospital

Dr. Mriganka Ghosh
Ms (Kol) ms, fiags associate

Prof. Mchdr. (lt. Col) Abhijit Mukherjee
Ms, f.Mas.Consaltant general & laparoscopy surgeon

General Physician

Dr. B. K. Chanda
Mbbs (Kol)

Psychiatric counselor

Mr. Shantanu Ghosh
Ms(psychotherapy & counselling)

P.G. Dip
Psychological counseling for children

Mr. Mohit ranadip
Pdg (j.U.)

Debolina das Sharma
M.A., & p.G. Diploma in psychological counseling

Special dietitian & nutritionist

Dr. Udyan Bhattacharya
M.Sc. Ph.D. m.I. R.H.A (Kol)


What is the Jibok clinic Barrackpore Address?

15 no, 32 3, Barrackpore-Barasat Rd, Rail Gate, Rabindrapally, Nabapally, Kolkata, West Bengal 700122

What is the Jibok clinic Barrackpore phone number?

033 2545 0812

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