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Welcome to the Maniktala ESI Hospital Doctor List. Maniktala ESI Hospital has gained a lot of reputation for its good quality medical services. Every year thousands of patients from different parts of West Bengal go to this hospital for better treatment. So before getting treatment in this hospital, many people want to know Maniktala ESI Hospital Doctor List. Today I shared the hospital doctors list through this post.

Maniktala ESI Hospital Address & Contact:

Address: 54, Nazrul Islam Avenue, VIP Road, Kankurgachi, Ghosh Bagan, Bagmari Road, Maniktala, Kolkata, West Bengal, 700054


Medical Superintendent
Dr. Mayukh Ray
Extension 301
2355-7216 to 20 / 8010

Deputy Medical Superintendent
Dr. Mahuya Mukhopadhay
Extension 325
2355-7217 to 20 / 8010

Assistant NM Superintendent
Mr. Debojyoti Dev
Extension 316
2355-7216 to 20

24 hours a day
Extension 309
2355-7216 to 19

24 hours a day
Extension 337
2355-7216 to 19

Blood Bank
24 hours a day
Extension 326
2355-7216 to 19

Ward Master’s Office
Extension 309
2355-7216 to 19
Training Centre for Nurses

Maniktala ESI Hospital Doctor List

ICCU Cardiology

Name: Dr. Sanjib Kumar Dey
Qualification: M.D.

Name: Dr. Saibal Kumar Sarkar
Qualification: MBBS, Dip. Card

Name: Dr. Darpanarayan Datta
Qualification: MBBS

Name: Dr. Malabika Roy Chowdhury
Qualification: MBBS

Name: Dr. Anirban Ash
Qualification: MBBS, MD(Int Med) M.MED DEM

Name: Dr. Mridul Kanti Saha
Qualification: MBBS

Name: Dr. Abhijit Boral
Qualification: MBBS

Name: Dr. Santanu Ghosal
Qualification: MBBS, Dip Diabetology, MD

Name: Dr. Bylapudi Sireesha
Qualification: MD Physician, CCEBDM, FICM

Name: Dr. Satyabrata Sarkar
Qualification: MD Physician, CCEBDM

Name: Dr. Susmit Bhattacharya
Qualification: MBBS, MS, MCH

Name: Dr. Swapan Kumar Dey
Qualification: MBBS, MD,DM (Cardiology)

Name: Dr. Sibaji Guha
Qualification: MBBS, Dip. Card, DTCD


Name: Dr. Kalyan Bhaumik
Qualification: MD

Name: Dr. Sangeeta Chowdhury
Qualification: MD

Name: Dr. Labony Banerjee
Qualification: M.D., D.M.(Neuro)

Name: Dr. Sitesh Dasgupta
Qualification: M.D., D.M.

Name: Dr. Nirmalya Chakraborty
Qualification: MBBS, DTM & H, Dip. Card.

Name: Dr. Pijush kanti Banerjee
Qualification: MBBS

Name: Dr. Suchandra Mondal
Qualification: MBBS, DCH, MD, (Trop med)

Name: Dr. Subhra Basu
Qualification: MBBS

Name: Dr. Snigdha Mukhopadhyay
Qualification: MBBS

Name: Dr. Karna Subha Mondal
Qualification: MBBS

Name: Dr. Niladrisekhar Dutta
Qualification: MBBS

Name: Dr. Dipanjan Mukherjee
Qualification: MBBS, MRCP(UK)

Name: Dr. Urvashi Chatterjee
Qualification: MBBS

Name: Dr. Sayantani Dan
Qualification: MBBS


Name: Dr. Subhasis Guha
Qualification: M.S., M.C.H(CTVS)

Name: Dr. Rajat Chatterjee
Qualification: M.S. M.C.H(Pediatric surgery)

Name: Dr. Jaynta Chottopadhyay
Qualification: M.S.

Name: Dr. Md. Agharuddin
Qualification: M.B.B.S

Name: Dr. Subhodip Sarkar
Qualification: M.S.

Name: Dr. Vivek Sahay
Qualification: M.S.


Name: Dr. Jayanta Dutta
Qualification: M.D.(Med) D.M. (Nephro)

Name: Dr. Piyali Sarkar
Qualification: MBBS, MRCP (UK)

Name: Dr. Sandip Kumar Mukhopadhyay
Qualification: MBBS, MD, DCH

Name: Dr. Bappaditya Biswas
Qualification: MBBS

Name: Dr. Arijit Sarkar
Qualification: MBBS

Name: Dr. Hriday Ranjan Das
Qualification: MBBS, DTMH


Name: Dr. Subhra Chatterjee
Qualification: MS Ortho

Name: Dr. Anup Kumar Mondal
Qualification: MBBS, Dip. In Sports (Med)

Name: Dr. Pradip sarkar
Qualification: MS Ortho

Gynecology and Obst

Name: Dr. Susanta Kr. Das
Qualification: MD

Name: Dr. Lagnajita Paria
Qualification: MD

Name: Dr. Georoma Biswas
Qualification: MD

Name: Dr. Subhra Ketan Chakraborty
Qualification: MBBS, DGO, MD

Name: Dr. Mahuya Mukhopadhaya
Qualification: MBBS, DGO

Name: Dr. Sarbari Roy
Qualification: MBBS


Name: Dr. Bhabananda Mukhopadhyah
Qualification: D.A.M.D (Anesthesia)

Name: Dr. Nirmalendu Majumder
Qualification: MBBS, DA (Anesthesia)

Name: Dr. Sayanee Mukherjee
Qualification: MBBS

Name: Dr. Bulbul Das
Qualification: MBBS, DA


Name: Dr. Amit Saha
Qualification: M.S. (Ophthalmology)

Name: Dr. Kakali Sen
Qualification: M.S. (Ophthalmology)

Blood Bank

Name: Dr. Amit Kr. Chatterjee
Qualification: M.D. (Pathology)

Name: Dr. Gitasree Bhaumik (Sengupta)
Qualification: MBBS

Name: Dr. Sukanta Bhattacharjee
Qualification: MBBS, DOMS


Name: Dr. Sourav Chowdhury
Qualification: M.D. (Skin and V.D.)


Name: Dr. Kishore Biswas
Qualification: M.S. (Otolaryngology)


Name: Dr. Dhananjoy Mukhopadhyay
Qualification: MD, D.M.R.D

Name: Dr. Santanu Kr. Sarkar


Name: Dr. Jayanta Chandra
Qualification: M.D. (Pathology)


Name: Dr. Pritwis Bhaumik
Qualification: MD (Psych)

Name: Dr. Hena Barat
Qualification: MD (Psych)


Name: Dr. Pradip Chowdhury
Qualification: MD

Name: Dr. Punit Goenka
Qualification: MD

Name: Dr. Sandipan Saha
Qualification: MD

Name: Dr. Priya Dugar
Qualification: MD

Physical Medicine

Name: Dr. Deb Kumar Majillya
Qualification: MD


Name: Dr. Suman Mukhopadhyay
Qualification: MD

Name: Dr. Aninda Sundar Ganguly
Qualification: MBBS

Name: Dr. Prasanta Kr. Pal
Qualification: MD Physician


What is the Maniktala ESI Hospital Address?

st6sft, 54, Nazrul Islam Avenue, VIP Road, Kankurgachi, Ghosh Bagan, Bagmari Road, Maniktala, Kolkata, West Bengal, 700054

What is the Maniktala ESI Hospital Contact Number?

+913323557212 , +913323557216 , +913323557214

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