This article tells you why people have red eyes after lash extensions

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What are the side effects of eyelash extensions?

If you enjoy wearing eyelash extensions, you may have considered the risks and side effects of sleeping with them for extended periods of time. You may be asking yourself: what are the possible side effects of wearing eyelash extensions? While some individuals report allergic reactions and skin irritation after wearing the lash extension procedure, most of the potential dangers involve broken or lost lashes.

Are there side effects to using eyelash extensions?

One potential side effect of eyelash extensions is allergic reactions. The other side effects include the following: swelling, redness, infection, and allergies.

The risks of having lashes put on your eyes

In case you’re wondering, there are potential side effects associated with having your eyelashes put on your eyes. Whether these side effects can cause long-lasting harm depends on how the extensions are applied and how long they’re left in place.

What are the health risks of using eyelash extensions?

The most common side effect of using eyelash extensions is eye irritation. This can happen if the lashes are applied too tightly, if the glue is not properly removed after a few hours, or if the client does not let them dry naturally before applying makeup. If your eyes start to water, you should immediately remove the product. Other side effects are color change and infection.

Health problems that people might experience due to the use of synthetic hair or glue

Although eyelashes are attractive and enhance one’s looks, they are not always safe. There are a number of health risks associated with the use of synthetic hair or glue. Some of these risks include allergic reactions, eye infections and loss of eyelashes.

What natural alternatives are available for lash extensions?

The main side effect that people complain about is the buildup of eyelash extensions in their eyes, giving them a stye. Some natural alternatives to lash extensions are eyebrow waxing and eyebrow plucking. There has also been an increase in the number of allergies caused by the chemicals used for those services.


Eyelash extensions are meant to be a beautiful and natural way of enhancing your eyelashes. Although they aren’t permanent, the effects can last between one week to three months. There are some side effects of this treatment such as allergic reactions or stings, scratches, etc.

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