Bumps on Teeth: Why They’re There and How to Remove

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Bumps on Teeth: Why They’re There and How to Remove

Teeth are one of the most specialized, highly developed structures in the human body with a structure that has developed over millennia to ensure our survival. And yet, there are still some people out there who are unaware of what a bump on their tooth actually is and how it can be removed. In this article, I will tell you bumps on teeth: Why They’re There and How to Remove!

What are bumps on teeth?

Many people wonder about the bumps on their teeth. These bumps are commonly called “crowns” and appear when tooth enamel wears down past a certain point. There are several possible causes of crown bumps, including wearing down of tooth enamel from grinding food between teeth or hard foods like nuts, apples, chewing gum and candies.

Causes and effects of bumps on teeth

Bumps on teeth can happen for many reasons. Some of the more common causes are from too much pressure from grinding or biting into hard objects like candy, ice, coffee beans, or nuts.

How to remove bumps on teeth

Bumps on teeth are a very common, irritating problem that many people deal with. They occur when the gums or periodontal tissue cover the tooth and cause irritation. There are many steps you can take to remove bumps on teeth, including using over-the-counter medications and avoiding sugar. You should also avoid tartar buildup by brushing your teeth twice each day with an electric toothbrush.

Tips to avoid bumps on the tooth

One of the most common reasons for bumps on teeth is tooth decay. The bacteria in the plaque and food waste enter the tooth through an opening and cause the enamel to erode away from the surface of the tooth. This structure is then replaced by a hard, calcified layer which has two purposes: To protect enamel from further damage and to provide support for chewing


Teeth have bumps because of the way they grow. These bumps can become noticeable when your teeth are no longer properly aligned with one another. Thankfully, there are some easy ways to remove them.

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