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Hello friends, welcome back to our Blog, today we will learn about some of the uses and benefits of Kalmegh. So, friends, let’s read today’s post without delay. Friends, kalmegh is a small plant of the annual and virut class. Kalmegh’s scientific name is Andrographis paniculata.

This kalmegh has been used in ayurvedic medicine since ancient times. kalmegh leaf has many benefits, but to be extremely bitter it is called ‘king of the bitters’ in English.

Uses and Benefits of Kalmegh

This time we will learn about the benefits and usefulness of kalmegh.

Ideal Liver Tonic

These Kalmegh leaves are mostly used as ‘Liver Tonic’. Recently, more and more vegetables and fruits are being treated with pesticides and many are drinking alcohol and taking long-term medications, which can lead to various liver complications.They will benefit if they consume kalmegh leaves regularly, and this kalmegh leaf is very effective in reducing the dislike of the mouth and increasing the appetite.

Diabetes Control

Kalmegh leaves help in controlling glucose levels in our bodies. So, this kalmegh is very useful for diabetic patients. However, if you take insulin, this kalmegh leaf must be taken with the advice of your doctor.

Deworming Kalmegh

If you have worms in the stomachs of children and adults, you can get rid of this problem by eating this kalmegh leaf juice or pill regularly.

Various Problems in Children

It has long been used as a home remedy from ancient time for gas, diarrhea, and loss of appetite in young children.

Fever Cold Cough Asthma

The problems of any kind of cold are cured very quickly by using the juice of kalmegh leaves. In case of fever, cold-cough, asthma, sore throat, tonsillitis, etc. regular consumption of this kalmegh leaf juice is beneficial.

Cancer Prevention

Kalmegh leaves are very useful in curing cancer. Its medicinal properties prevent the growth of cancer cells in our body so, it is used in the preparation of cancer medicine.

Cardiovascular Disease Prevention

Heart disease is currently the leading cause of death for most people worldwide. This kalmegh leaf helps to keep the blood thin and prevents fat from accumulating in the arteries thus reducing the chances of a heart attack.

Eliminate Skin Problems

Kalmegh leaves are rich in antioxidants, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory ingredients which are effective in purifying the blood. It is very useful for any kind of skin problem like boils, itching, etc.

Natural Immunity Booster

kalmegh leaves naturally help boost the body’s immune system.

Prevention of Arthritis & Gout

Kalmegh leaves are also used as a medicine for arthritis, rheumatism, and gout. Eating this kalmegh leaf juice every day can get rid of various problems related to pain.

Others Benefits

This kalmegh leaf is also used in making medicine for dengue, and malaria. It is possible to get rid of dengue and malaria by eating kalmegh leaf juice regularly. Also, this kalmegh leaf has multiple properties. This kalmegh leaf is used as an alternative to chirata. That’s why it is also called “green chirata”. Kalmegh contains anti-hepatotoxic, anti-cancer, anti-diabetic and many other ingredients that protect our body from various diseases.

Method Of Eating Kalmegh

Kalmegh leaf juice can be consumed two to three days a week. 20-30ml for adults and 5 to 10ml for children is enough. You can make small pills with this kalmegh leaf paste and dry it in the sun and swallow it regularly in the morning on an empty stomach with water, and two to three kalmegh leaves can be eaten just by chewing.

Some Side Effects of Kalmegh

Kalmegh is a very useful ayurvedic medicinal plant. However, some side effects can be noticed. For example, eating an excessive amount of kalmegh leaves can reduce appetite.

Due to the bitter taste of kalmegh leaves, many people may experience nausea, headache, and fatigue after eating it. Skin rashes or allergies can be a problem. So, you must use kalmegh leaves with expert advice to protect your health.

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