A guide on how to style cowlick or balding hair.

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A guide on how to style a cowlick, or balding hair.

Baldness can be a difficult situation to deal with, especially when there are no clear guidelines on how to style the hair that you do have left. In this article, I will list some steps for styling your balding or cowlick and provide you with an easy-to-follow guide.

What is a cowlick?

A cowlick is a comb that was created in the 1860s for people with hair to keep it out of their eyes. They were originally made from horsehair, but due to the horsemeat shortage the Czechs started using a different substance and eventually found one made from human hair.

How will you know if your hair has a cowlick?

A cowlick is a point in your hair where the hair curls up. This can be caused by a naturally occurring bend, but it may also be an indicator of certain hair products like gels that are prone to causing tight curls and bends. If you’re trying to figure out whether your hair has a cowlick, grab a handful of hair and gently rub it between your thumbs and index fingers.

Can you remove a cowlick?

No, not really. Cowlick are actually a form of hair that grows in a spiral shape to create hair-like structures around the scalp. With that being said, it is possible to style your cowlick into something much more presentable by making it look like a normal head of hair.

What if you have unruly hair, or it isn’t long enough for a ponytail?

Uncontrolled hair can be a challenging situation to deal with, especially if you are looking for a quick and easy style. There is no need to worry though, as there are several different styles that can be achieved with some creativity.

Drying and styling your hair with a damp comb

Whether you have a cowlick, or your hair is just dry, there are a few different hairstyles that you can try out. If you have an open-topped comb and some styling gel, use it to give your hair some volume and lift. This will tame the cowlick and create a soft look to your hair. When styling your hair, start with damp hair and use the same process of applying a little styling gel on top of the wet comb, then either shake or gently massage the top of your head.

Strongly recommend washing your hair with gentle shampoo before styling

“Wash your hair with shampoo that is purely sulfate-free before styling it. It will help to produce a thicker, more healthy style while also making the hair feel softer and look shinier.”

Finishing up: Detangling wet hair

When you take your hair down and it looks like a massive mess, it’s time to finish up. Detangling wet hair can be tough, but not impossible. In fact, there is an easy way to create the perfectly imperfect ‘bed head’ look that we all want!


A cowlick or balding hair is a common condition that has many causes, but it can be combatted with a few methods.

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