Foods you can’t eat with braces

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Foods you can’t eat with braces

Many foods that we eat everyday can cause discomfort for those who have braces. In this article, I will tell you foods you should avoid or limit when you are wearing braces in order to avoid soreness and discomfort.

Foods that you can t eat with braces

Though braces come in all shapes and sizes, here are six foods that one should not consume while wearing a brace. This includes hard candy, nuts, and anything chewy. These foods can create food particles in the brackets that affect how your teeth work. For example, if you were to eat chips with a bracket on it, the chip will be wedged between 2 brackets and may eventually break off of the bracket.

Foods that are difficult to eat with braces

Foods you can’t eat with braces are bananas, grapes, meatballs and raw vegetables.

Foods not suitable for you to eat

If you have braces, it’s important to know what foods you can and cannot eat. Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing your food.

Types of foods you can still eat

Most foods are healthy, but it is important to get the right nutrition. Foods to avoid with braces include: popcorn, carrots, pizza and corn on the cob. You should also avoid hard foods like nuts and hard candy because they can easily cause injury or additional damage to your brackets.

Tips on eating with braces

Braces can make it difficult to clean your teeth properly. Brushing and flossing are two parts of good oral hygiene that are often difficult with braces. Unhealthy foods can also cause tooth decay which is difficult to prevent while wearing braces.
While you may not be able to eat everything, you don’t have to miss out on what you love! Here are some tips for eating healthy with braces:
-Learn about the foods that you should avoid if you have braces-
-Get used to different textures by trying new things like fresh vegetables and salads for breakfast, lunch or dinner-
-Avoid crunchy or hard foods like rice and corn chips, instead opt for softer fruits such as bananas and apples


Final Thoughts: In conclusion, there are a lot of foods that you’re probably fairly accustomed to eating that you shouldn’t eat while wearing braces. This is because the food could become lodged between your teeth and cause a lot of pain or make it difficult for your orthodontist to work on the aligners.

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