Cleft Lip and Palate Repair By Dr. Srikanth V

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Dr. Srikanth V Speak: Hello, my name is Doctor Srikanth. I am a practicing plastic and cosmetic surgeon. I practice at Manipal Hospital, Bangalore, and at clinic Bangalore which is also in Bangalore.

Cleft Lip and Palate

Now, this is a very common problem. It happens all over the world in developing countries and developed countries. It is a got a very high incidence in our country also. But this is one of those. Fortunate problems which can be treated fully. These children with cleft lip and palate can lead a completely normal life.

Cleft Lip and Palate Repair By Dr. Srikanth V

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However, you should know a few things about cleft lip and palate to have the best result for your child. You should have the surgery done at the appropriate time.

The timing for a cleft lip surgery the child is born with a complete cleft lip and palate, whether unilateral or bilateral, would be as follows within the age of three months To get the cleft lip surgery done, the surgeon will also close the. An anterior pilot that is the front half of the pilot. Then at the age of nine months before speech begins, then you can go in for the cleft palate surgery.

Now, this should be followed by a period of speech therapy. Now during this period of time at the time of the cleft palate, if we find that the Eustachian tube is blocked, he will suggest that you can hear surgery called a grommet insertion because that Gromit insert will improve the hearing of the child. Now in the hearing is improved. Beach also improved now. Once this is done, the child is allowed to grow. A child goes to school normally.

If the child has got a complete cleft lip and palate, the child will repair of the alveolar cleft. Alveera cleft is the cleft between the teeth that has to be repaired between the age of nine and eleven years what. this does is to allow the teeth to come out normally the child also have to go through orthodontic treatment during this period of time and once the child reaches adulthood, that is sixteen to eighteen years of age there may be a requirement for a rhinoplasty or orthognathic surgery.

rhinoplasty means correction of the nose and at the same time in his car revision anything that needs to be done which was not done to your satisfaction that happened in childhood can be done That knows will be corrected if required. Your plastic surgeon will tell you to put a bone graft or adjust the bone or put a bone graft from the sides.

This is the commonly done secondary cleft lip. Nose deformity correction in some people where the joys are extremely receded or as underdeveloped, then orthognathic surgery in terms of sagittal split osteotomy to slide the lower jaw backward, or a maxillary advancement procedure will be suggested to you.

So these are the entire spectrum of surgery that a complete cleft lip and palate. Child will have to undergo. That is one eight three months one eight nine months one at eleven years one after the age of sixteen to. eighteen these are the four surgeries if you do people with cleft lip and palate will have a completely normal life

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