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Welcome to the CMC Chittoor Doctors List. The Christian Medical College Vellore is a leading tertiary level medical institution that provides quality medical service. It has evolved to include primary, secondary, tertiary, and quaternary care hospitals with over 4500 beds. There are eight campuses with around 100,000 patients served every year.

CMC Chittoor has gained a lot of reputation for its good quality medical services. Every year thousands of patients from different parts of India go to this hospital for better treatment. So before getting treatment in this hospital, many people want to know Doctor’s List. today I shared the CMC Chittoor Doctors List through this post.

CMC Chittoor Phone Number & Address

Address: 190 Ramapuram Village, 189 Kothapalle Post, Gudipala Mandal, Chittoor,517132, Andhra Pradesh.
Reception: 0857 221 1923
PRO: 0857 221 1906/1905

CMC Chittoor Doctors List


  • Dr. Eunice Selvaraj
  • Dr. Shirley Daniel
  • Dr. Sumitha Manivel
  • Dr. Teresa Henry
  • Dr. Ashish Arnkond

Child Health

  • Dr. Emmanuel F. Kishore
  • Dr. Premila Crystal

Community Medicine

  • Dr. Cheryl Lydia John
  • Dr. Vibisha
  • Dr. Dorothy Lall
  • Dr. Sarah Emmanuel


  • Dr. Anu Jose
  • Dr. Joanna Priyadarshini


  • Dr. Priya Aley Joseph
  • Dr. Ranjana E. Joseph
  • Dr. Sowmiya. M

Developmental Paediatrics

  • Dr. Srinivasa Raghavan


  • Dr. Rhesa Noel
  • Dr. Leah Thomas
  • Dr. Lidia Dennis

Nurses / Diabetes Educators – Endocrinology

  • Mrs. Nithya
  • Mrs. Volena
  • Ms. Shirly Jennifer
  • Ms. Ilakkiya
  • Mrs. Bharathi
  • Mrs. Vijayalakshmi
  • Mrs. Jansi Vimala Rani

Dietitian – Endocrinology

  • Mrs. Sandhya

Doctors /Faculties- General Medicine

  • Dr. Arun Joseph Chacko
  • Dr. Reginald George Alex
  • Dr. Nalli Mercy Evanglin

Youth for the future

  • Dr. Chezeq Martyr
  • Dr. Aishwarya. S
  • Dr. Nishant Kumar
  • Dr. Saurav Rath
  • Dr. Punitha. R. Mary
  • Dr. Monish Denil
  • Dr. Michael Philip George
  • Dr. Bharaniviknesh
  • Dr. Ajay Ebenazer
  • Dr. Cheryl Joan Anand
  • Dr. Soma Rini Myania
  • Dr. Dixwin A
  • Dr. Annette T Smyrna
  • Dr. Ruth Christina
  • Dr. Madhuri Reddy

General Surgery

  • Dr. Divvya M
  • Dr. Prakash Joseph
  • Dr. Arpana Lily Jessica
  • Dr. Anil Henry
  • Dr. Y.C. Veerabadhra

Geriatric Medicine

  • Dr. Anju Anna George
  • Dr.Rakesh Mishra
  • Dr.Parinita Harshad Vanjare
  • Dr.Nithya Ann Jacob

Obstetrics and Gynaecology

  • Dr.Annie Prasanthi
  • Dr.Kruthika Benjiamin
  • Dr.Rebecca George
  • Dr. Shiny Nirupama Boddu
  • Dr. Binu Dahal


  • Dr. Renu Susan Raju
  • Dr. Talluri Jeevaratnam
  • Dr. Libin Sam Baby


  • Dr. Samuel Santhosh
  • Dr.M.C.F. Titus

Pain and Palliative Care Clinic

  • Dr. Nagamani
  • Dr. Jewell Joseph
  • Dr. Gautam Waran

Pain Assistant

  • Nurse – G. Jaya Kodi

Paediatric Surgery

  • Dr. Tarun Jacob
  • Dr. Aureen D’chuna
  • Dr. Ravi Kishore

Physical Medicine Rehaibilitation

  • Dr. Suranjan Bhattacharji
  • Dr. Tripti Swami


  • Dr. Sajin Tito Arattukulam


  • Dr. Avinash A Nair
  • Dr. Sujith Chandy
  • Dr. Deva Jedidiah
  • Dr. Jerrerson Daniel
  • Dr. Priya

Toxicology and Occupational Health

  • Dr. Anand Zachariah


  • Dr. Gnanaraj Lionel
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