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Welcome to the holy family hospital Bandra doctors list. holy family hospital Bandra has gained a lot of reputation for its good quality medical services. Every year thousands of patients from different parts of India go to this hospital for better treatment. So before getting treatment in this hospital, many people want to know the holy family hospital Bandra doctors list. today I shared the holy family hospital doctors list through this post.


Address: St Andrew’s Road, Bandra (West), Mumbai – 400 050. India.
Contact No: 022-62670366, +91 22-62670 555
Ambulance: +91 22-62670 370
Email: info@holyfamilyhospital.in

Holy Family Hospital Bandra Doctors List


Name: Dr. Brian Pinto
Qualification: MD, DM (Cardiology), FACC

Name: Dr. Robin Pinto
Qualification: MD, DM (Cardiology)

Name: Dr. Jaipal P Jadwani
Qualification: MD

Name: Dr. Yash Lokhandwala
Qualification: MD, DM (Cardiology), FACC

Name: Dr. Anand Rao
Qualification: MD, DM, FSCAI

Name: Dr. Nitin Gokhale
Qualification: MD, DM, FACC, FESC, FSCAI

Name: Dr. Bhavesh Vajifdar
Qualification: MD, DNB, MNAMS, FSCAI, FACC

Name: Dr. Dinesh Parikh
Qualification: MD, DM (Cardiology)

Name: Dr. Ankeet Dedhia
Qualification: DNB (Cardiology & Gen Medicine)

Cardiac Surgery

Name: Dr. Anil Tendolkar
Qualification: MS, M.Ch.(CVTS ), FIACS

Name: Dr. Shantesh Kaushik
Qualification: MS, M.Ch.(CVTS), DNB(Cardiology), DNB (Gen Surgery), MD, FCCP

Name: Dr. Krishna Prasad Irniraya
Qualification: DNB (Gen Surgery), DNB (CVTS), M.Ch. (CVTS)

Name: Dr. Swarup S Pal
Qualification: MS (Gen Surgery), MCh, CVTS


Name: Dr. Neil Soares
Qualification: MD (Dermatology & Venereology)

Name: Dr. Shreyas Kamath
Qualification: MD (Dermatology & Venereology), DNB, DDV

Name: Dr. Rickson Pereira
Qualification: MD, FCPS, DDV

Name: Dr. Meryl Rebello
Qualification: MD (Dermatology)

Diabetology / Endocrinology

Name: Dr. Archana Purushothaman
Qualification: MBBS, Internal Medicine (USA), Endocrinology Fellowship (USA)

Name: Dr. Rohan Sequeira
Qualification: MBBS; M.D (Medicine), FAGE, FACLM, FAADE, MPCDS, MPDCE, PhD (Metabolics)

Name: Dr. Samir Warty
Qualification: MS (Gen Surgery), MS (Plastic Surgery)

Name: Dr. Vaishali S. Naik
Qualification: MD, DM (Endocrinology)


Name: Dr. Adip K Shetty
Qualification: MS (ENT)

Name: Dr. Alan Andrade
Qualification: MS (ENT), DORL

Name: Dr. Chris E. de Souza
Qualification: MS (ENT), DORL, DNB, FACS, FRCS

Name: Dr. Vishal N Tyagi
Qualification: MS (ENT)

Name: Dr. Ashish Castellino
Qualification: DNB

Family Phsician

Name: Dr. Margaret Miranda
Qualification: MBBS, DA


Name: Dr. Saifee T. Plumber
Qualification: MD (Gen Medicine), DNB (Medicine), DNB (GE)

Name: Dr. Durgesh Borkar
Qualification: MS (Gen Surgery)

Name: Dr. Sundeep Shah
Qualification: MD (Gen Medicine), DM (GE), DNB (GE)

Name: Dr. Khurshed Vazifdar
Qualification: MD, FICN, GI Fellow (TMC)

Surgical Gastroenterology

Name: Dr. Biswanath Gouda
Qualification: DNB (Surgery), FALS, MPH

General Medicine

Name: Dr. Rajesh Uchil
Qualification: MD (Gen Medicine), FICA

Name: Dr. Alan Soares
Qualification: MD (Gen Medicine), DNB

Name: Dr. Vinay Parvatkar
Qualification: MD (Gen Medicine), FICA (USA)

Name: Dr. Lipeeka Parulekar
Qualification: MD (Gen Medicine)

Health Check Up

Name: Dr. Koulsoum Houssein
Qualification: MD (Gen Medicine)

Name: Dr. Rajesh Jaria
Qualification: MD (Gen Medicine)

Name: Dr. Koulsoum Houssein
Qualification: MD (Gen Medicine)


Name: Dr. Asha Shah
Qualification: MD (Gen Medicine), DNB (Medicine)

Hematology / Oncology

Name: Dr. Avinash Deo
Qualification: MD (Gen Medicine)


Name: Dr. Hermie Drago
Qualification: LECH

Name: Dr. Shailen D. Petigara
Qualification: BHMS

Name: Dr. Leela D’souza-Francisco
Qualification: MD (Hom), MSc (Hom), CIH (Cardiology)

HPB Surgery

Name: Dr. Aditya J Nanavati
Qualification: MS, MRCS, Abdominal Transplant Fellowship (USA)

Lactation Management

Name: Dr. Mugdha Tanmay Joshi


Name: Dr. Amish Udani
Qualification: DCH, DNB, FPN

Name: Dr. Martin DeSouza
Qualification: MD, MRCP, BCC

Name: Dr. Mahindra R Merchant
Qualification: MD, DNB (Nephrology)

Name: Dr. Nikhil Bhasin
Qualification: MBBS, MD, DM, DNB (Nephrology)


Name: Dr. Sushil Tandel
Qualification: MD (Medicine), DM (Neurology), DCN

Name: Dr. Kaustuba S Mahajan
Qualification: DNB (Medicine), FCPS (Medicine), DNB (Neurology)

Name: Dr. Daanish A Chhapra
Qualification: MD (Int Medicine), DM (Neurology)

Neuro Surgery

Name: Dr. Harshad Parekh
Qualification: MS, MCh (Neuro Surgery), MB

Name: Dr. Sanjay Mongia
Qualification: MS, MCh (Neuro Surgery), FICS, FAIS

Name: Dr. Maruti Pujeri
Qualification: MS (Surgery), MCh (Neurosurgery)

Name: Dr. Anuj Bhide
Qualification: MBBS; MS(General Surgery); M.Ch(Neuro Surgery)

Name: Dr. Nilesh Potdar
Qualification: MBBS; MS(General Surgery); M.Ch(Neuro Surgery)

Obstetrics & Gynaecology

Name: Dr. Kevin Quadros 
Qualification: DGO, MD (OBGY), Diploma in Endoscopy (UK, USA)

Name: Dr. Jacintha Mathias
Qualification: DGO, MBBS

Name: Dr. Geneve de Sa
Qualification: MD (OBGY)

Name: Dr. Malcolm Fonseca
Qualification: MD (OBGY), DGO, DNB, DHA

Name: Dr. Nozer Sheriar

Name: Dr. Kiran Coelho
Qualification: MD (OBGY), DGO, DFP

Name: Dr. Sr Beena
Qualification: MS, DMAS, Dip. In Gynae Endoscopy

Name: Dr. Sylvia Noronha
Qualification: MD (OBGY), DNB, FCPS, DGO, DFP

Name: Dr. Michelle Victor
Qualification: MD (OBGY), Dip in Gynae Endoscopy

Name: Dr. Sheela A Dedhia
Qualification: DNB (Obgy), DGO (CPS)

Name: Dr. Shiraz Vazifdar
Qualification: DGO; MD


Name: Dr. Ajay Kolse
Qualification: MD (Radiotherapy)

Name: Dr. Dale Rodrigues
Qualification: MS (Gen Surgery), DNB (Sur.Oncology), MRCS, FAMS, DMAS

Name: Dr. Ian DeSouza
Qualification: MS (Gen Surgery), TMC (Surgical Oncology)

Name: Dr. Kshitij C Joshi
Qualification: MBBS; MD (Gen.Medicine), DM (Medical Oncology), ESMO, DNB(Medical Oncology)

Name: Dr. Nikhil P Dharmadhikari
Qualification: MS (Gen Surgery), DNB (Sur. Oncology)

Name: Dr. Sameeksha Dubey
Qualification: MD (Medicine), DNB (Med Oncology)

Name: Dr. Viraj Nevrekar
Qualification: MBBS, MD (Medicine), DM (Medical Oncology)


Name: Dr. Ajay I. Dudani
Qualification: MS (Oph), DNB, FCPS, DOMS

Name: Dr. Dinshaw Dastoor
Qualification: FRCS (Oph Glas), DOMS

Name: Dr. Suresh Hemrajani
Qualification: MS (Oph), DOMS

Name: Dr. Smita Bagrecha
Qualification: MS (Oph) FRVEEH (Glaucoma), FSGN (Comprehenvie Ophthal)

Name: Dr. Sandeep Mondkar
Qualification: DOMS, FMRF

Name: Dr. Swarna Panigrahi
Qualification: MS (Oph), FAEH (Orbit & Oculoplasty)

Name: Dr. Suvira Jain
Qualification: DOMS, FRCS


Name: Dr. Derick DeLima
Qualification: MS (Orth)

Name: Dr. Dominic F. D’Silva
Qualification: MS (Orth), MD (Ortho), D.Ortho, DNB, Fellow Arthoscopy & Sports Medicine (Sweden)

Name: Dr. Rajesh B Shirishkar
Qualification: MS (Surgery), Dip Ortho, FCPS (Ortho)

Name: Dr. Rakesh Nair
Qualification: D.Ortho, DNB (Ortho)

Name: Dr. Jawahar Panjwani
Qualification: MS (Ortho), D.Ortho, MNAMS

Name: Dr. Dylan Goveas
Qualification: MS (Ortho)

Name: Dr. Sanjeed C Pujary
Qualification: MS (Ortho), FIHKA

Name: Dr. Lalit Panchal
Qualification: MS; DNB; FCPS; DOrtho


Name: Dr. Abdul Azeem Khan
Qualification: MD(Paed), DCH, FCPS

Name: Dr. Chetan J. Shetty
Qualification: MD (Paed), DHA, FAGE

Name: Dr. Deepak P. Tirthani
Qualification: MD (Paed), DCH

Name: Dr. Prajakta Joshi Raman
Qualification: MD (Paed)

Name: Dr. Prisca Colaco
Qualification: MD (Paed), D.Ch

Name: Dr. Rajaram D Khare
Qualification: MD (Paed), DCH

Name: Dr. Sanjay Sharma
Qualification: MD (Paed)

Paediatric Surgery

Name: Dr. Nishat S. Nanavati
Qualification: MS, MCH (Paed Surgery)

Name: Dr. Bhalchandra Jayakar
Qualification: MS, MCh (Paed Surgery), DNB, MNAMS

Name: Dr. Jui Mandke
Qualification: DNB (Gen & Paed Surgery)

Paediatric Haematology / Oncology

Name: Dr. Priti S Mehta
Qualification: DCh, MD, DNB (Fellowship Paed. Haematology Oncology)

Pain Clinic

Name: Dr. Dwarkadas Baheti
Qualification: MD, UICC


Name: Dr. Vidhan Doshi
Qualification: MBBS; MS (Opthalmology); Fellowship in Paediatric and Strabismology


Name: Dr. Vineeti Dalal
Qualification: MBBS; DNB (Paediatrics), MRCPCH (UK)

Paediatric Neurology & Epilepsy

Name: Dr. Payal R. Shah
Qualification: MBBS; DCH; MD(Paediatrics); Fellowship in Neurology and Epilepsy (Paediatric)

Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

Name: Dr. Kalpesh Gajiwala
Qualification: MS (Gen Surgery), M.Ch (Plastic Surgery)

Name: Dr. Parag Vibhakar
Qualification: MS (Gen Surgery); MCh

Name: Dr. Rajan Garach
Qualification: MS (Gen Surgery), MCh


Name: Dr. Charles Pinto
Qualification: MD (Psy), DPM

Name: Dr. Deepti Kukreja
Qualification: DPM, DNB (Psychiatry)

Name: Dr. Santosh Bangar
Qualification: DPM (Psychiatry), MD (Psychiatry)

Respiratory Medicine

Name: Dr. Rashid Vasi
Qualification: MD

Name: Dr. Yatin Dholakia
Qualification: MD, TDD

Name: Dr. Vaibhav Kubal
Qualification: DAA, DNB (Resp. Diseases)


Name: Dr. Anil Pinto
Qualification: MS

Name: Dr. Vernon Sequeira
Qualification: MS, DNB

Name: Dr. Bryan Sodder
Qualification: MS, FCPS, FIAMS, DNB

Name: Dr. Lawrence A Desa
Qualification: MS, FRCS (Urology), DNB

Name: Dr. Russell Pinto
Qualification: MS, FMAS

Name: Dr. Hirav Parikh
Qualification: MS (Gen Surgery), FMAs, FNB (Minimal Access Surgery, GI and advanced Laparoscopy)


Name: Dr. Aniruddha Bhuiyan
Qualification: MS (Gen Surgery); MCh (Vascular Surgery); FVES

Name: Dr. Abhinandan Sadalge
Qualification: MS, MCh (Urology)

Name: Dr. Hitesh M Jain
Qualification: MBBS; M.S; M.CH (Urology), Observership in RIRS & Laparoscopic Surgery

Name: Dr. Manu Sobti
Qualification: MS (Gen Surgery), MCh (Urology), DNBE (Urology)

Name: Dr. Malav Modi
Qualification: MS; DNB (Urology)

Vascular Interventional Radiology

Name: Dr. Jathin Krishna Rai
Qualification: MD (Radiology), FNVIR (Vascular Intervention)

Vascular & Endovascular Surgery

Name: Dr. Rajeev Joshi
Qualification: MS, MCh (Urology)

Name: Dr. Santosh Palkar
Qualification: MS, MCh (Urology), DNB

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