Hydrocele Causes, Symptoms, Treatment – By Dr. Sanjay Panicker

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Hydrocele Causes, Symptoms, Treatment – By Dr. Sanjay Panicker

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We specialize in hair and skin problems, respiratory problems, allergies, Pediatrics and infertility. I have also authored a book on Pediatrics. Yesterday was the book release. This is on Pediatrics, drug pictures that is it gives. An idea about how to prescribe first children and it is an illustrated book with lot of pictures in it so that it’s easy for doctors and for others also to understand how to prescribe in Pediatrics.

Hydrocele is nothing but a collection of fluid around the testicles in the scrotum, so this can be congenital or it can be acquired. Congenital is seen in newborn babies as they are born. You will see that there is a fluid collection in the scrotal area. And this usually resolves within one year of age by itself is what is said and when it persists, usually the doctors suggest surgery.

But I have seen sometimes the doctor suggest a surgery even earlier, which is usually not needed according to me and even otherwise also usually in homeopathy we treat hydrocele with medicine itself. So hydrocele is considered a surgical disease and if you see the textbooks of surgery, hydrocele is mentioned as a surgical condition. Usually, they don’t treat it with medicines unless it is related to an infection.

Hydrocele can also be acquired like if it is coming up post injury like after an injury. I had a patient who came up with hydrocele. It can also be due to an infection. Certain infections like of the testis like or in orchitis or epididymitis subsequent to which fluid can accumulate and it can come up.

These hydroceles can be of two varieties basically either it can be communicating hydrocele or a non communicating. Hydrocele communicating in the sense when the child is born in a newborn baby, the testis dissent from the abdomen and comes into the scrotal SAC. When it comes down, there is a communication between the abdominal cavity and the scrotal SAC.

That’s how it is. In some children, it doesn’t design at all or it gets stuck in the inguinal canal and that can cause slow development in the child it can cause the sexual functions to get delayed. The sperm count as they grow can be lesser testosterone. The testis can atrophy, leading to a reduction in the testosterone and secondary sexual characters need not appear as it happens in other children, so they are a lot of problems like that.

But when this testis is descending, there is a communication between the abdominal cavity and the scrotum. So the fluid in the abdominal cavity can also be seen in the hydrocele that is interconnected. This usually closes after a particular age. If it does not close then sometimes even a hernia can come up. The intestine also can slip down along with the hydrocele which is there in the scrotum.

When you see the hydrocele. In adults, it’s usually the most common reason for hydrocele in adults is subsequent to infection. It can also be a filarial swelling which may apparently look like a hydrocele and post injury. You can even have blood that is accumulated hematocele. It’s called hematocele where the blood is accumulated in this Gautam in such conditions. Yeah, Arnica is a wonderful remedy

Now. I remember a case where a child with congenital hydrocele was brought to me when the child was about two years old or one year, eight months or something like that And the doctors had suggested surgery for this particular child we were thinking because. The first remedy that you would find in the books would be rhododendron and when you give rhododendron left and right you find that these hydroceles otherwise also infantile hair in children what do you find the congenital hydrocele They increase and decrease as the day passes. Why in the morning that’s little bigger or in the evening it’s little bigger morning. It’s little lesser this kind of nature you will find in this hydrocele

For this child. After giving rhododendron, we notice that the size of the hydrocele started increasing every time there was a rain, which is of no significance to the allopathic doctor. He does not relate the rain to the hydrocele even I dont know why it happens but we have seen in rhododendron. There is a symptom that it aggravates everytime there is a thunderstorm. That’s how it is described and I found that this child would actually proving rhododendron proving in the sense he was presenting the symptoms of rhododendron.

Then after Antidoting and retaking the case I had given calculate. After this child the child actually got cured of this congenital hydrocele. After treating this case for several months, then only we were able to cure this. Usually, they say it goes off automatically by the age of one. Now if I present this case to and allopathic doctor, he would definitely tell me that anyway, it was supposed to go at one year maybe it got postponed for a few more years

But that’s not how it is these medicines have got its effect i have prescribed various medicines for this child and it is only after Calcarea carb that this child responded not only in his hydrocele but also his mental development which was little slow picked up subsequent to calcarea carb

So  Calcarea Carb is one of the wonderful remedies for this. Hydrocele does not mean every case of hydrocele  Calcarea Carb will work. There are various other remedies like clematis Aurum Metallicum and Baryta Carb which can be useful in cases of hydrocele.

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