Video Submission

Video Submission has become very important these days. Because people now prefer to watch videos rather than read. So if you are a doctor or owner of a hospital or nursing home – you must do video marketing for marketing.

There are two mediums of video marketing – paid marketing and organic marketing. Example – You can share your videos on YouTube, Facebook, or other places, where you can reach a lot of people for some money. The means of spending money is called paid marketing.

Today in this post I will only talk about YouTube. If you are a new doctor and you choose YouTube for your marketing. And if you don’t want to spend money, it will take you a long time to reach more people on YouTube. There is also the matter of keyword research on YouTube. There is much to learn.

I am writing this post today because you don’t have to stress about posting videos on YouTube. Our YouTube channel has 15 thousand plus subscribers. If you want you can publish your video on our YouTube channel. Our YouTube channel gets 1 lakh views every month, and our website gets 1 lakh traffic.

Benefits of publishing videos on our YouTube channel

  1. We will give you some keywords, if you make a video on that topic, the video will get views.
  2. A page will be created for you on our website, where all your information like address, phone number, and fee will be there. The link to that page will be in the description of your video.
  3. As your video gets views, your appointment will increase.
  4. By uploading videos and creating a page on the website, if someone searches for your name on Google, people will find you very easily.

If you want to upload your video to our YouTube channel, please contact this email ‘‘.

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