Doctor List in CMC Vellore | CMC Vellore Doctors List – 2023

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Welcome to the Full doctor list in CMC Vellore  ( Christian Medical College ). Christian Medical College Hospital has gained a lot of reputation for its good quality medical services. Every year thousands of patients from different parts of India go to this hospital for better treatment. Not only from India but also from outside India, especially from Bangladesh, a lot of patients come for treatment. So before getting treatment in this hospital, many people want to know the names of the doctor list in CMC Vellore. But if you search on Google, you will not find any good results, so today I shared the entire list of doctors of the Christian Medical College Hospital through this post.

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Address and Contact Number Christian Medical College Vellore

AddressChristian Medical College, IDA Scudder Rd, Vellore, Tamil Nadu 632004
Contact Number+91 8000338855
Whatsapp+91 9385285957

OPD Doctor List in CMC Vellore

Accident & Emergency

Doctor NamePhone noEmailOPD Timings
Dr. K. P. P.


Doctor NamePhone noEmailOPD Timings
Dr. Ekta

Cardio-thoracic Surgery

Doctor NamePhone noEmailOPD Timings
Dr. Madhu Andrew
Mon, Thu
Dr. Korah T.
Tue, Fri
Dr. Roy
Wed, Fri


Doctor NamePhone noEmailOPD Timings
Dr. Viji Samuel, Fri
Dr. John Jose, Thu
Dr. Anoop George, Sat
Dr. David, Thu

Child Health

Doctor NamePhone noEmailOPD Timings
Dr. Anna, Thu
Dr. Sathish, Sat
Dr. Sneha, Fri

Dental and Oral Surgery

Doctor NamePhone noEmailOPD Timings
Dr. Rabin, Wed, Fri
Dr. Soumya, Thu, Sat


Doctor NamePhone noEmailOPD Timings
Dr. Renu, Wed, Fri
Dr. Susan A Susan A. Pulimood

Developmental Paediatrics

Doctor NamePhone noEmailOPD Timings
Dr. Beena

ENT Department

Doctor NamePhone noEmailOPD Timings
Dr. Rajan Sundaresan, Wed
Dr. Ajoy M, Thu
Dr. Reji, Fri
Dr. Ann Mary, Thu
Dr. Suma Susan, Fri


Doctor NamePhone noEmailOPD Timings
Dr. Nitin Kapoor
Dr. Thomas V Paul


Doctor NamePhone noEmailOPD Timings
Dr. Ebby George Simon
Dr. Sudipta Dar Chowdhury
Dr. Reuben Thomas Kurien


Doctor NamePhone noEmailOPD Timings
Dr. Prasad, Fri


Doctor NamePhone noEmailOPD Timings
Dr. Anitha, Thu

HLRS – Hand and Leprosy Reconstructive Surgery

Doctor NamePhone noEmailOPD Timings
Dr. Samuel C Raj, Wed, Sat


Doctor NamePhone noEmailOPD Timings
Dr. Biju, Fri


Doctor NamePhone noEmailOPD Timings
Dr. Uday George Thu

Head and Neck Surgery

Doctor NamePhone noEmailOPD Timings
Dr. Rajiv, Wed
Dr. Amit Jiwan, Thu

Infectious Diseases

Doctor NamePhone noEmailOPD Timings
Dr. Priscilla, Fri

Medical Intensive Care Unit

Doctor NamePhone noEmailOPD Timings
Dr. Kishore Kumar Pichamuthu

Medical Oncology

Doctor NamePhone noEmailOPD Timings
Dr. Ashish, Wed, Fri


Doctor NamePhone noEmailOPD Timings
Dr. Alice Joan, Fri
Dr. Thambu, Thu
Dr. Sudha Jasmine, Wed
Dr. Samuel George, Thu
Dr. Ramya, Fri


Doctor NamePhone noEmailOPD Timings
Dr. Santhanam risk infant clinic (HRIC) –
Tue PM

Low risk infant clinic (LRIC) –
Mon, Wed, Thur, Fri – AMLow-risk

CMC Vellore Doctors List Nephrology

Doctor NamePhone noEmailOPD Timings
Dr. Vinoi George
Dr. Santhosh


Doctor NamePhone noEmailOPD Timings
Dr. Sanjit, Fri


Doctor NamePhone noEmailOPD Timings
Dr. Krishna Prabhu, Thu
Dr. Ranjith K, Fri
Dr. Vivek, Sat

Nuclear Medicine

Doctor NamePhone noEmailOPD Timings
Dr. Julie, Thu

Obstetrics & Gynaecology

Doctor NamePhone noEmailOPD Timings
Dr. Elsy, Wed Full, Thu-AM
Dr. Lilly, Fri
Dr. Anuja – AM/PM, Thu-AM
Dr. Manisha Madhai, Fri-AM
Dr. Jiji Elizabeth, Thu-PM


Doctor NamePhone noEmailOPD Timings
Dr. Dan Barnabas, Thu
Dr. Pradeep M., Fri
Dr. Sumant, Sat

Paediatric  Orthopaedics

Doctor NamePhone noEmailOPD Timings
Dr.Thomas, Fri


Doctor NamePhone noEmailOPD Timings
Dr. Lekha Mary Mon, Wed, Fri
Dr. Jeyanth Suresh, Thu, Sat
Dr. Sheeja   Susan
Dr. Deepa John
Dr. Satheesh  Solomon T Selvin
Dr. Anika  Amritanand

PMR – Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Doctor NamePhone noEmailOPD Timings
Dr. Judy Ann Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri
Dr. Jacob, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri

Palliative Care Unit

Doctor NamePhone noEmailOPD Timings
Dr. Jenifer Jeba 

 Paediatric Emergency Medicine

Doctor NamePhone noEmailOPD Timings
Dr. Debasis Das Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri

 Paediatric ICU

Doctor NamePhone noEmailOPD Timings
Dr. Kala Ranjini  Sundaravalli 

 Pediatric Surgery

Doctor NamePhone noEmailOPD Timings
Dr. Ravi Kishore0416-228-3369 
Dr. John Mathai0416-228-3369

Plastic Surgery 

Doctor NamePhone noEmailOPD Timings
 Dr. Shashank Wed, Sat
 Dr. Ashish Kumar, Fri


Doctor NamePhone noEmailOPD Timings
Dr. Rajesh Gopala Krishnan0416-228-4516 Mon, Thu
 Dr. Deepa, Fri
Dr. Arun, Sat

Pulmonary Medicine

Doctor NamePhone noEmailOPD Timings
Dr. Balamugesh T0416-228-2859 Tue, Fri, Wed, Sat
 Dr. Richa, Fri, Wed, Sat
Dr. Barney, Fri, Wed, Sat


Doctor NamePhone noEmailOPD Timings
Dr.  Gibikote Sridhar0416-228-2027
0416-228-3012 Tue, Fri, Wed, Sat


Doctor NamePhone noEmailOPD Timings
Dr. Thomas Samuel Mon (PM), Wed (AM), Fri (AM)
Dr. Simon Pradeep (AM), Thu (AM/PM)
Dr. B. Selvamani0416-228-3145 (AM/PM), Wed (PM), Fri (PM)

Rehabilitation Institute 

Doctor NamePhone noEmailOPD Timings
Dr. Raji 


Doctor NamePhone noEmailOPD Timings
Dr. John Mon, Thur


Doctor NamePhone noEmailOPD Timings
Dr. Pranay Gaikwad0416-228-2082 Mon, Thu
Dr. Mark R Tue, Fri
Dr. Inian, Sat
Dr. Sukriya, Thu

Endocrine Surgery

Doctor NamePhone noEmailOPD Timings
Dr. Paul M. J.0416-228-2609 Wed, Sat

Surgery / Hepato Pancreato Biliary (HPB)

Doctor NamePhone noEmailOPD Timings
Dr. Ravish Sanghi Raju 0416-228-3428 Mon, Thu

Vascular Surgery

Doctor NamePhone noEmailOPD Timings
Dr. Deepak Selvaraj 0416-228-2085 Tue, Fri

 Transfusion Medicine & Immunohaematology 

Doctor NamePhone noEmailOPD Timings
Dr. Dolly Daniel 0416-228-2533 

CMC Vellore Doctors List Urology

Doctor NamePhone noEmailOPD Timings
Dr. Antony Devasia 0416-228-2055 Mon, Thu
Dr. Santosh, Fri

Teaching Staff Doctor List in CMC Vellore

Accident and Emergency Medicine

Doctor NameDesignation
Vernon Neville LeeProfessor
Thomas Kurien BhanuAssistant Professor
Priya G.Assistant Professor


Doctor NameDesignation
Sajan Philip GeorgeProfessor
Raj S.Professor
Ekta RaiProfessor
Tony Thomson ChandyProfessor
Ramamani M.Professor
Georgene SinghProfessor
Anita Shirley JoselynAssociate Professor
Sathish Kumar DAssociate Professor
Aparna WilliamsAssociate Professor
Kalyana Chakravarthy P.Associate Professor
Chitra S.Associate Professor
Balaji KAssociate Professor
Suma Mary ThampiAssociate Professor
Serina Ruth SalinsAssociate Professor
Kirubakaran D.Assistant Professor
Justin P. JamesAssistant Professor
Karen Ruby LionelAssistant Professor
Smitha Elizabeth GeorgeAssistant Professor
Gladdy GeorgeAssistant Professor
Edwin Allan ZedekAssistant Professor
Merlin Shalini Ruth S.Assistant Professor
Mary Tina Rani Vaz GAssistant Professor
Rahul PillaiAssistant Professor
Smithamol P.B.Assistant Professor
Jyothi AvulaAssistant Professor
Aparanjit Paul PAssistant Professor
Susan ThomasAssistant Professor
Divya Jacob PAssistant Professor
Riya JoseAssistant Professor
Ilangovan PAssistant Professor
Anity Singh DhanyeeAssistant Professor
Sneha Ann AncheriAssistant Professor
Leah Maria GeorgeAssistant Professor
Hari Narayana Prabhu AAssistant Professor
Cephas SatyanandanAssistant Professor
Melvin Alex AbrahamAssistant Professor
Divya IsacAssistant Professor
Meghna JiwanmallAssistant Professor
Ben Babu KurienAssistant Professor
Nirupama DevarAssistant Professor
Liby G. PappachanAssistant Professor
Jerry Joseph J.Assistant Professor
Sunimal BhaggienAssistant Professor
Bernice Theodore YAssistant Professor
Basil Paul ManayalilAssistant Professor
Ramanan R.Assistant Professor
Ronakh R.Assistant Professor
Rosen Roy MathewAssistant Professor
Thakkar Keta DeepakAssistant Professor


Doctor NameDesignation
Sunil Jonathan HollaProfessor
Bina IsaacProfessor
Suganthy J.Professor
Ivan James PrithishkumarAssociate Professor
Tripti Meriel JacobAssociate Professor
Deepak Vinod FrancisAssistant Professor
Samuel Frank Stephen MAssistant Professor
Raj Kohila JAssistant Professor
Priyanka DanielAssistant Professor
Athul Anatony SimonAssistant Professor
Anju Mary AlbertAssistant Professor
Pauline Shanthi P.Assistant Professor


Doctor NameDesignation
Molly JacobProfessor
Premila AbrahamProfessor (NM)
Minnie Faith K.Professor
Joe VargheseAssociate Professor
Prakash S.S.Assistant Professor
Anand R.Assistant Professor
Asmita HazraAssistant Professor
Muthuraman N.Assistant Professor
Arthi T SAssistant Professor

Cardio Vascular & Thoracic Surgery

Doctor NameDesignation
Vinayak ShuklaProfessor
Roy ThankachenProfessor
Madhu Andrew PhilipProfessor
Alpha Mathews KavunkalProfessor
Korah T. KuruvillaProfessor
Birla Roy GnanamuthuProfessor
Ravi ShankarAssociate Professor
Vinay M. RaoAssistant Professor
M Vinod KumarAssistant Professor


Doctor NameDesignation
George JosephProfessor
Sunil Thomas ChandyProfessor
Paul V GeorgeProfessor
Oommen K. GeorgeProfessor
Viji Samuel ThomsonProfessor
John Roshan JacobProfessor
Sujith Thomas ChackoAssociate Professor
David ChaseAssociate Professor
John JoseAssociate Professor
Lijo VargheseAssociate Professor
Mithun Jacob VargheseAssociate Professor
Subhrangshu DeyAssistant Professor
Anoop George Alex Alex PaulAssistant Professor
Anandaroop LahiriAssistant Professor

Clinical Biochemistry

Doctor NameDesignation
Geethanjali F.S.Professor (NM)
Victoria Anand JobProfessor (NM)
Pamela ChristudossAssociate Professor (NM)

Clinical Haematology

Doctor NameDesignation
Alok SrivastavaProfessor
Vikram MathewsProfessor
Biju GeorgeProfessor
Aby AbrahamProfessor
Fouzia N AAssistant Professor
Anu KorulaAssistant Professor
Nisham P NAssistant Professor
Anup J. DevasiaAssistant Professor
Kulkarni Uday PrakashAssistant Professor

Community Medicine

Doctor NameDesignation
Kuryan GeorgeProfessor
Jasmin HelanProfessor
Rita Caroline IsaacProfessor
Vinod Joseph AbrahamProfessor
Shantidani MinzProfessor
Venkata Raghava M.Professor
Jacob JohnProfessor
Sushil Mathew JohnProfessor
Anuradha Grace SophiaAssociate Professor
Ruby Angeline Pricilla SAssociate Professor
Biswajit PaulAssociate Professor
Prashanth H.R.Associate Professor
Divya Elizabeth MuliyilAssistant Professor
KanagalakshmiAssistant Professor
Sam MarconiAssistant Professor
Chella Sindhu K.N.Assistant Professor
Bhavya BalasubramanyaAssistant Professor

Critical Care Medicine

Doctor NameDesignation
Subramani. KProfessor
Peter J.V.Professor
Shoma V. RaoAssociate Professor
Pritish John KorulaAssistant Professor
Gijoe George JacobAssistant Professor
D’ sa Shilpa ReynalAssistant Professor
Vasudha Bhaskara RaoAssistant Professor
Madhurita SinghAssistant Prfoessor
Siji Susan GeorgeAssistant Professor
Nithin Abraham RajuAssistant Professor
Juliana Josphine JAssistant Professor
Rajasekar AAssistant Professor
George Prashanth KurianAssistant Professor

Dental Surgery

Doctor NameDesignation
Rabin Kurudamannil ChackoProfessor
Santosh KoshyProfessor
Jagadish EbenezerProfessor
Sibu Simon. SAssociate Professor
Arunpaul S.Associate Professor
Soumya S.VAssistant Professor
Shini Susan SamuelAssistant Professor
Surya Prakash Sharma AAssistant Professor
Saurabh KumarAssistant Professor
Daniel Sathiya Sundaram S.Assistant Professor
Jesija J SAssistant Professor


Doctor NameDesignation
Renu Elizabeth GeorgeProfessor
Susanne Alexander PulimoodProfessor
Dincy Peter C.VProfessor
Leni GeorgeAssociate Professor
Dharshini SAssistant Professor
Sivaranjini R.Assistant Professor
Lydia MathewAssistant Professor
Anu Anna GeorgeAssitant Professor
Anjana Anna JosephAssistant Professor
Venkatraman M.Assistant Professor
Ankan GuptaAssistant Professor
Gauri Dinesh MahabalAssistant Professor

Endocrine Surgery

Doctor NameDesignation
Paul M.J.Professor
Deepak Thomas AbrahamProfessor
Anish Jacob CherianAssistant Professor
Siddhartha ChakravarthyAssistant Professor


Doctor NameDesignation
Nihal Jacob ThomasProfessor
Simon RajaratnamProfessor
Thomas V. PaulProfessor
Asha H.S.Associate Professor
Dukhabandhu NaikAssociate Professor
Nitin KapoorAssistant Professor
Riddhi Das GuptaAssistant Professor
Sahana ShettyAssistant Professor

Family Medicine

Doctor NameDesignation
Sunil AbrahamProfessor
Prince Christopher R.H.Associate Professor
Venkatesan S.Associate Professor
Moses KirubairajAssociate Professor
Manjunath KAssistant Professor
Dimple Madhukar JamkandiAssistant Professor
Sajitha Parveen M.FAssistant Professor
Yeshvanth Kumar G.S.Assistant Professor

Forensic Medicine

Doctor NameDesignation
Noel Malcolm WalterProfessor
Mousumi SenAssociate Professor
Pragya TripathiAssistant Professor

General Medicine

Doctor NameDesignation
Abraham O.C.Professor
Anand ZachariahProfessor
Samuel George HansdakProfessor
Thambu David SudarsanamProfessor
Sowmya SathyendraProfessor
Reginald George Alex T.Professor
Ramya I.Professor
Sudha Jasmine S.Professor
Paul Prabhakar AbhilashAssociate Professor
Alice Joan MathuramAssociate Professor
Ronald Albert BentonAssociate Professor
Manjeera JagannatiAssistant Professor
Punitha J.VAssistant Professor
Ravikar RalphAssistant Professor
Sushil Thomas AlexanderAssistant Professor
Turaka Vijay PrakashAssistant Professor
Divya Bala ThumatyAssistant Professor
Sam Prasad MannamAssistant Professor
More Atul RamachandraAssistant Professor
Ajay Kumar MishraAssistant Professor
Abi Manesh SAssistant Professor
Nisha JoseAssistant Professor
Tarun K GeorgeAssistant Professor
Vignesh Kumar C.Assistant Professor
Angel Miraclin Jebakumari T.Assistant Professor
Karthik G.Assistant Professor
Nirmal Raj FrancisAssistant Professor
Gina Maryann ChandyAssistant Professor
Tina GeorgeAssistant Professor
Selvin Sundar Raj MAssistant Professor
Maria Koshy K.Assistant Professor
Deepti BalAssistant Professor
Sohini DasAssistant Professor
Cijoy K KuriakoseAssistant Professor
Aditya John BinuAssistant Professor
Santhosh Kumar. EAssistant Professor
Ashwin RajeneshAssistant Professor
Ajoy Oommen JohnAssistant Professor
Thomas Isiah Sudarsan AAssistant Professor
Lovely ThomasAssistant Professor
Roshni SharmaAssistant Professor

General Surgery

Doctor NameDesignation
John Chandrakumar MuthusamiProfessor
Sukria NayakProfessor
Sudhakar Chandran B.Professor
Mark Ranjan JesudasonProfessor
Inian S.Professor
Pranay GaikwadProfessor
Abraham Vijay PeedikayilProfessor
Rajinikanth J.Associate Professor
Amit Jiwan TirkeyAssociate Professor
Suchita ChaseAssociate Professor
Sam Varghese GeorgeAssociate Professor
Rohin MittalAssociate Professor
Yacob MylaAssistant Professor
Cecil T. ThomasAssistant Professor
Gigi VargheseAssistant Professor
Rajat RaghunathAssistant Professor
Jonathan Sadhu RAssistant Professor
Beulah RoopavathanaAssistant Professor
Vasanth Mark SamuelAssistant Professor
Rajesh Joseph SelvakumarAssistant Professor
Vijayan PAssistant Professor
Benjamin Aditya ThomasAssistant Professor
Abinaya R.N.Assistant Professor
Suraj SAssistant Professor
Joshua FranklynAssistant Professor
Titus D KAssistant Professor
Abhilasha Gloria SinghAssistant Professor
Raj KumarAssistant Professor

Genito-Urinary Surgery

Doctor NameDesignation
Kekre Nitin SudhakarProfessor
Antony DevasiaProfessor
Santosh KumarProfessor
Chandrasingh J.Professor
Rajiv Paul MukhaProfessor
John Samuel BanerjiProfessor
Arabind PandaAssociate Professor
Nirmal T.J.Associate Professor
Arun Jacob Philip GeorgeAssociate Professor
Anuj Deep DangiAssociate Professor
Rajadoss MAssistant Professor
Veracious Cornerstone WannAssistant Professor
Partho MukherjeeAssistant Professor
Benedict Paul Samuel R.Assistant Professor
Chandan PhukanAssistant Professor

Geriatric Medicine

Doctor NameDesignation
Prasad Mathews K.Professor
Surekha ViggeswarpuProfessor
Gopinath K.G.Associate Professor
Benny Paul WilsonAssistant Professor
Pranita RoyAssistant Professor

Gynecological Oncology

Doctor NameDesignation
Abraham PeedicayilProfessor
Rachel George ChandyProfessor
Uma DeviAssociate Professor
Ravi N. PatilAssistant Professor
Vinotha ThomasAssistant Professor (On Leave)
Ajit SebastianAssistant Professor

Hand Surgery (HLRS)

Doctor NameDesignation
Binu Prathap ThomasProfessor
Anil MathewAssociate Professor
Sreekanth R.Assistant Professor

Hepato Pancreatico Biliary Surgery

Doctor NameDesignation
Philip JosephProfessor
Frederick Lorence VyasProfessor
Ravish Sanghi RajuAssociate Professor
Dhiraj John SonbareAssistant Professor
Manbha L RymbaiAssistant Professor


Doctor NameDesignation
Eapen C.E.Professor
Uday George ZachariahProfessor
Sajith K.G.Professor
Ashish GoelProfessor
Bharath Kumar CAssistant Professor

Infectious Disease

Doctor NameDesignation
Priscilla RupaliProfessor
George M. VargheseProfessor
Rajiv KarthikAssociate Professor

Medical Gastroenterology

Doctor NameDesignation
Joseph A.J.Professor
Ebby George SimonProfessor
Amit Kumar DuttaProfessor
Sudipta Dhar ChouwdhuryAssociate Professor
Reuben Thomas KurienAssociate Professor
Deepu DavidAssistant Professor

Medical Oncology

Doctor NameDesignation
Raju Titus ChackoProfessor
Ashish SinghAssistant Professor
Sachin Bharatbhai PunatarAssistant Professor


Doctor NameDesignation
Gagandeep KangProfessor
Priya VergheseProfessor
Asha Mary AbrahamProfessor
Rajesh K.Professor
Balaji V.Professor
Joy Sarojini MichaelProfessor
John Antony Jude PrakashProfessor
Sitara Swarna Rao AProfessor
Shoba MammenProfessor
Shalini AnandanProfessor
Mahesh MoorthyAssociate Professor
Rani Diana SahniAssociate Professor
Binesh Lal YAssociate Professor
Sudhir BabjiAssociate Professor
John Fletcher G.Lecturer
Beula Subashini PAssistant Professor
Marilyn Mary NinanAssistant Professor
Ira PraharajAssistant Professor
Sidhartha GiriAssistant Professor
Susmitha Karuna Sree P.Assistant Professor


Doctor NameDesignation
Kurien Anil KuruvillaProfessor
Santhanam Sridhar S.Professor
Niranjan Thomas A.W.Professor
Manish KumarAssistant Professor
Thanigainathan SAssistant Professor


Doctor NameDesignation
Santosh VargheseProfessor
Vinoi George DavidProfessor
Suceena AlexanderAssociate Professor
Anna T. ValsonAssociate Professor
Shibu JacobAssistant Professor
Kakde Shailesh TulshidasAssistant Professor
Anjali MohapatraAssociate Professor

CMC Vellore Doctors List Neurology

Doctor NameDesignation
Mathew AlexanderProfessor
Sanjit AaronProfessor
Vivek MathewProfessor
Ajith SivadasanAssociate Professor
Prabhakar A.T.Assistant Professor
Suresh Babu P.Assistant Professor
Rohit Ninan BenjaminAssistant Professor
Sanjeev KumarAssistant Professor

Paediatric Neurology

Doctor NameDesignation
Maya Mary MathewProfessor
Karthik M.Associate Professor
Sangeetha Y.Associate Professor


Doctor NameDesignation
Vedantam RajshekharProfessor
Ari George ChackoProfessor
Mathew JosephProfessor
Baylis Vivek JosephProfessor
Ranjith K. MoorthyProfessor
Krishna PrabhuProfessor
Bijesh R.Associate Professor
Raghavendra NayakAssociate Professor
Sanil JohnAssistant Professor
Edmond Jonathan GAssistant Professor
Tobin GeorgeAssistant Professor
Tony Abraham ThomasAssistant Professor
Brijesh Kumar TiwariAssistant Professor
Brijesh Kumar TiwariAssistant Professor

Nuclear Medicine

Doctor NameDesignation
Regi OommenProfessor
Julie HephzibahAssociate Professor
David MathewAssistant Professor
Devakumar D.Associate Professor

Obstetrics and Gynaecology

Doctor NameDesignation
Aruna Nitin KekreProfessor
Annie Philip VillothProfessor
Jiji Elizabeth MathewProfessor
Jessie LionelProfessor
Lilly VargheseProfessor
Elsy ThomasAssociate Professor
Manisha Madhai BeckAssociate Professor
Santosh Joseph BenjaminAssociate Professor
Vaibhav LondheAssociate Professor
Reeta Vijayaselvi. P.RAssociate Professor
Swati RathoreAssociate Professor
Anuja AbrahamAssociate Professor
Preethi R NAssistant Professor
Liji Sarah DavidAssistant Professor
Anne George CherianAssistant Professor
Bhageerathy P SAssistant Professor
Dibu SamAssistant Professor
Jameela PonmalarAssistant Professor
Beena KAssistant Professor
Emily Divya EbenezerAssistant Professor
Kavitha AbrahamAssistant Professor
Jeyasheela KamarajAssistant Professor
Madhu Priya NAssistant Professor
Annie Prasanthi VAssistant Professor
Varunashree N.D.Assistant Professor


Doctor NameDesignation
Thomas KuriakoseProfessor
Braganza Andrew DavidProfessor
Pushpa JacobProfessor
Lekha Mary AbrahamProfessor
Sanita Mary George KorahProfessor
Sheeja Susan JohnProfessor
Padma PaulAssociate Professor
Smitha JasperAssociate Professor
Arathi Simha R.Associate Professor
Saban HoroAssociate Professor
Deepa JohnAssistant Professor
Jeyanth Suresh RoseAssistant Professor
Anupriya ArthurAssistant Professor
Swetha Sara PhilipAssistant Professor
Jayanthi PeterAssistant Professor
Anika AmritanandAssistant Professor
Satheesh Solomon T. SelvinAssistant Professor

Orthopaedic Surgery

Doctor NameDesignation
Vrisha MadhuriProfessor
Alfred Job DanielProfessor
Vijay T K TitusProfessor
Vinoo Mathew CherianProfessor
Kenny Samuel DavidProfessor
Thilak S JepegnanamProfessor
Venkatesh K.Professor
Manasseh Nithyananth.JProfessor
Pradeep Mathew PoonnooseProfessor
Thomas PalocarenProfessor
Anil Thomas OommenProfessor
Rohit AmritanandProfessor
Boopalan P.R.J.V.C.Professor
Abhay Gahukamble DeodasAssociate Professor
Sumant SamuelAssociate Professor
Thomas MatthaiAssociate Professor
Vignesh Prasad KAssociate Professor
Justin Arokia Raj S.V.Associate Professor
Viju Daniel VargheseAssociate Professor
Abel LivingstonAssistant Professor
Vinu Mathew George KettidathilAssistant Professor
Alfred Cyril RoyAssistant Professor
Dan Barnabas InjaAssistant Professor
Kaushik BhowmickAssistant Professor
Sandeep AlbertAssistant Professor
Jerry NAssistant Professor
Praveen S. JoseAssistant Professor
Chandra Sekaran G.Assistant Professor
Rajamani PAssistant Professor
Santhosh Kumar GAssistant Professor
Jeremy Bliss D.Assistant Professor
Deeptiman JamesAssistant Professor
Kathir Joyson D RAssistant Professor

Oto-Rhino-Laryngology, Speech and Hearing

Doctor NameDesignation
Rupa VProfessor
Rita Ruby Anbuselvi A.Professor
Ajoy Mathew VargheseProfessor
Suma Susan MathewsProfessor
Rajiv C MichaelProfessor
Regi ThomasProfessor
Anjali LepchaProfessor
Mary JohnProfessor
George Ani MathewAssociate Professor
Regi KurienAssociate Professor
Lalee VargheseAssociate Professor
Rajan SundaresanAssociate Professor
Naina PicardoAssociate Professor
Ann Mary AugustineAssociate Professor
Roshna Rose PaulAssociate Professor
Ramanathan C.Assistant Professor
Lisa Mary CherianAssistant Professor
Syed Kamran AsifAssistant Professor
Amit Kumar TyagiAssistant Professor
Ajay PhilipAssistant Professor
John MathewAssistant Professor
Anand V.K.Assistant Professor
Bassin Thomas JohnAssistant Professor

Paediatric Surgery

Doctor NameDesignation
Immanuel Sampath KarlProfessor
John MathaiProfessor
Reju Joseph ThomasProfessor
Sundeep M. C. KiskuAssociate Professor
Ravi Kishore B.S.S.Associate Professor
Bal Harshjeet SinghAssociate Professor
Jehangir Susan HomiAssistant Professor
Jujju Jacob KurianAssistant Professor
Tarun John K. JacobAssistant Professor


Doctor NameDesignation
Anna SimonProfessor
Indira GuptaProfessor
Anuradha Bose PerakathProfessor
Leni Grace MathewProfessor
Kala Ranjini SundaravalliProfessor
Valsan Philip VergheseProfessor
Sneha Deena VarkkiProfessor
Sathish Kumar T.Professor
Ebor Jacob Gnananayagam J.Professor
Mona Matilda BaskerProfessor
Sarah MathaiProfessor
Beena KoshyProfessor
Samuel Philip OommenProfessor
Winsley RoseProfessor
ManivachaganAssociate Professor
Sophy KorulaAssociate Professor
Jolly ChandranAssociate Professor
Debasis Das AdhikariAssociate Professor
Urmi GhoshAssistant Professor
Anila ChackoAssistant Professor
Leena PriyambadaAssistant Professor
Arul Premanand Lionel B.Assistant Prfoessor
Rikki Rorima John (Nee Rongong)Assistant Prfoessor
Deepthi BodduAssistant Professor
Anu Punnen KAssistant Prfoessor
Narendra Kumar ChaudharyAssistant Professor
Pragathesh PAssistant Professor
Roshni Julia RajanAssistant Professor
Sathish Kumar L.Assistant Professor
Magdalenal RAssistant Professor
Leenu Lizbeth JosephAssistant Professor
Archana Mitra MAssistant Professor
Susan Mary ZachariahAssistant Professor
Manjusha. AAssistant Professor
Anish George PaulAssistant Professor
Muniya ThokchomAssistant Professor
Cherryl Tryphena B.Assistant Professor
Leenath T VAssistant Professor
Jewel John PonvelilAssistant Professor of Paediatrics

Palliative Medicine

Doctor NameDesignation
Reena Mary GeorgeProfessor
Jenifer Jeba S.Professor
Renitha Miriam CherianAssistant Professor


Doctor NameDesignation
Anila KorulaProfessor
Geeta ChackoProfessor
Vivi Miriam SrivastavaProfessor
Anna B PulimoodProfessor
Marie Therese ManipadamProfessor
Meera Rajan Peter K.Professor
Ramani PAssociate Professor
Anne Jennifer PriscillaAssociate Professor
Dipti MasihAssociate Professor
Mandeep Singh BindraAssociate Professor
Mayank GuptaAssociate Professor
Deepak K BuradAssistant Professor
Sramana MukhopadhyayAssistant Professor
Thomas Alex KodiatteAssistant Professor
Elanthenral SAssistant Professor
Suryawanshi Mayur KeshavAssistant Professor
Telugu Ramesh BabuAssistant Professor
Jagan C.Assistant Professor
Neelaveni Duhli V V K NAssistant Professor
Vaishali Sharad BhonsleAssistant Professor
Gunadala IshithaAssistant Professor
Nobin Babu KAssistant Professor
Vishnu Chandra Kumar A.Assistant Professor
Bimal PatelAssistant Professor
Sanjeet RoyAssistant Professor
Tanush VigAssistant Professor
Smita Mary MatthaiAssistant Professor

Pharmacology and Clinical Pharmacology

Doctor NameDesignation
Binu Susan MathewProfessor
Jacob Peedicayil AbrahamProfessor
Margaret ShanthiAssociate Professor
Ratna PrabhaAssociate Professor
Blessed Winston AAssistant Professor
Sumith K MathewAssistant Professor
Aswathy Rachel ThomasAssistant Professor

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Doctor NameDesignation
George TharionProfessor
Raji ThomasProfessor
Jacob GeorgeProfessor
Judy Ann JohnProfessor
Henry PrakashProfessor
Bobeena RachelAssistant Professor
Prashanth H. ChalageriAssistant Professor
Asem Rangita ChanuAssistant Professor
Navin Bangarpet PrakashAssistant Professor
Jane Elizabeth SajanAssistant Professor
Prince ThakkarAssistant Professor


Doctor NameDesignation
Sathya SubramaniProfessor
Rashmi VyasProfessor
Solomon SathishkumarProfessor
Elizabeth TharionProfessor
Vinay Timothy OommenAssociate Professor
Anand BhaskarAssociate Professor
Silviya RajakumariAssociate Professor (NM)
Elizabeth VinodAssistant Professor
Upasana KachrooAssistant Professor
Neetu PrinceAssistant Professor
Jesi WAssistant Professor
Anandit John MathewAssistant Professor

Plastic Surgery and Reconstructive Surgery

Doctor NameDesignation
Ashish Kumar GuptaProfessor
Kingsly Paul M.Professor
Elvino BarretoProfessor
Shashank LambaAssociate Professor
Gohil Amish JayantilalAssistant Professor
Geley EteAssistant Professor


Doctor NameDesignation
Prathap Verghis TharyanProfessor
Jacob K.S.Professor
Anna TharyanProfessor
Paul Swamidhas Sudhakar RussellProfessor
Deepa RamaswamyProfessor
Mary Anju KuruvillaProfessor
Suja KurianProfessor
Priya Mary MammenProfessor
Rajesh GopalakrishnanProfessor
Dholakia SaumilAssociate Professor
Satya RajAssociate Professor
ThangaduraiAssociate Professor
Shonima A VAssistant Professor
Sherab TsheringlaAssistant Professor
Arun RAssistant Professor
Minju K.A.Assistant Professor
Donae Elizabeth GeorgeAssistant Professor
Kattula DheerajAssistant Professor
Dhananjayan R.Assistant Professor
Prince RAssistant Professor
Munaf B. NandyalAssistant Professor
Stephen Amarjeet JiwanmallAssistant Professor
Akhil AbhijnhanAssistant Professor
Abigail Ruth GojerAssistant Professor
Srisudha BAssistant Professor
Shyamsundar GAssistant Professor
Sanmitra DasguptaAssistant Professor

Respiratory Medicine

Doctor NameDesignation
Christopher D.J.Professor
Richa GuptaProfessor
Prince JamesProfessor
Shalini NairAssociate Professor
Barney Isaac T. JAssociate Professor
Shakti Kumar BalAssistant Professor
Ashwin Oliver AAssistant Professor
Jebin Roger SAssistant Professor
Dinesh Prabhu RAssistant Professor


Doctor NameDesignation
Gibikote SridharProfessor
Shyamkumar N.K.Professor
Elizabeth JosephProfessor
Anu EapenProfessor
Vinu MosesProfessor
Jyoti Kumari SurekhaProfessor
Aparna I.Professor
Sunithi Elizabeth ManiProfessor
Roshan S. LivingstoneAssociate Professor (NM)
Sniya Valsa SudhakarAssociate Professor
Binita Riya ChackoAssociate Professor
Chiramel George KoshyAssociate Professor
Munawwar AhmedAssociate Professor
Suraj MammenAssociate Professor
Anuradha C.Associate Professor
Betty SimonAssociate Professor
Leena R.V.Associate Professor
Anitha JasperAssistant Professor
Koyeli Mary MahataAssistant Professor
Reetu Amrita JohnAssistant Professor
Tharani PuttaAssistant Professor
Pavithra Ratna MannamAssistant Professor
Yadav Vikas KapildeoAssistant Professor
Kirthi SathyakumarAssistant Professor
Rachel G.Assistant Professor
Nancy JindalAssistant Professor
RoopaAssistant Professor
Ashok Mithra K VAssistant Professor
Amogh V NAssistant Professor
Himpreet KaurAssistant Professor
Madhavi K.Assistant Professor
Vanjare Harshad ArvindAssistant Professor
Hannah L. KhiangteAssistant Professor
Varun NarayanAssistant Professor
Sathya Narayanan R.Assistant Professor
Siddarth RAssistant Professor
Sahadevan VijayAssistant Professor
Hiren KumarAssistant Professor
Umar Mukhtar SiddiqiAssistant Professor
Emma MongaAssistant Professor
Bhuvaneswaran N.Assistant Professor
Aravind M.Assistant Professor
Indu Elizabeth OommenAssistant Professor
Soumya Susan RegiAssistant Professor
Shibi PaulAssistant Professor


Doctor NameDesignation
Subhashini JohnProfessor
Paul RavindranProfessor (NM)
Selvamani B.Professor
Simon Pradeep PavamaniProfessor
Thomas Samuel RamProfessor
Rabi Raja Singh I.Professor (NM)
Rajesh I.Associate Professor
Rajesh B.Associate Professor
Balu Krishna. SAssociate Professor
Patricia S.Associate Professor
Saikat DasAssociate Professor
Sunitha Susan VargheseAssistant Professor
Jebakarunya Rami ReddyAssistant Professor
Naveen Kumar Balaiyya M.B.Assistant Professor

Reproductive Medicine

Doctor NameDesignation
T.K. AleyammaProfessor
Mohan Shashikant KamathProfessor
Sumi ThomasAssistant Professor


Doctor NameDesignation
Debasish DandaProfessor
John MathewAssociate Professor
Sandhya PAssociate Professor
Ruchika GoelAssistant Professor
Ramya J.Assistant Professor

Transfusion Medicine and Immunohaematology

Doctor NameDesignation
Dolly RoseProfessor
Sukesh ChandranProfessor
Joy John MammenProfessor
Mary Purna ChackoAssociate Professor
Arpana PalleAssistant Professor
Vandana KamathAssistant Professor
Nitty Skariah MathewsAssistant Professor
Tulasi GeevarAssistant Professor
Ancy Susan JohnAssistant Professor

Vascular Surgery

Doctor NameDesignation
Sunil AgarwalProfessor
Edwin StephenProfessor
Dheepak Selvaraj A.Assistant Professor
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