Lakhotia Serampore Doctor List, Address, Contact Number

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Welcome to the Lakhotia Serampore Doctor List. Lakhotia Serampore hospital has gained a lot of reputation for its good quality medical services. Every year thousands of patients from different parts of West Bengal go to this hospital for better treatment. So before getting treatment in this hospital, many people want to know the Lakhotia Serampore Doctor List. Today I shared the hospital doctors list through this post.

Lakhotia Diagnostic Service Pvt. Ltd. Address & Contact Number

Address: Anita Plaza, 24, Lenin Sarani, P.o. Mullick Para, Srirampore, Hooghly – 712203, West Bengal
Contact: Amit Bera: 09230536748

Lakhotia Serampore Doctor List


Name: Dr. Saswata Chakraborty
Qualification: MBBS,MS (CAL),MRCS

Name: Dr. Sunirmal Chowdhury
Qualification: MS.MCH(PGIMER, Chandigarh)

Name: Dr. Avik De
Qualification: MS, Urologist-Oncologist


Name: Dr. Subham Kundu
Qualification: MBBS,MS.MCH SURGEON

Sports Medicine/Orthopedic

Name: Dr. D.N.Das
Qualification: MBBS,DSM(JU)CSS(IS),Weight reduction


Name: Dr.Debasish Kumar
Qualification: MBBS, MRCP,Neurology, Endrocrinology

Name: Dr. Dibyendu Das
Qualification: MBBS,MD

Pulmonologist/chest Specialist

Name: Dr.Sabyasachi Chowdhury
Qualification: MD

Name: Dr. Amrito Biswas
Qualification: MD

Name: Dr. Atanu Majumder
Qualification: MBBS,DPM MD

Name: Dr. Santanu Goswami
Qualification: MBBS

Name: Dr. R. Bhattacharya
Qualification: MD (Medicine)

Name: Dr. Shyamal Kr. Hazra
Qualification: MD (CAL)

Name: Dr. P.k.Sinha
Qualification: MBBS

Name: Dr. Sayak Roy
Qualification: MBBS,MRCP


Name: Dr. Sugata Biswas
Qualification: MS (Ortho)

Name: Dr. Amit Guha
Qualification: MS (Ortho)CAL, Consultant orthopedic surgeon


Name: Dr. Sanjay Kumar Das
Qualification: MBBS, DIP BMS (CAL)DMRT(CAL)


Name: Dr. Arghya Dutta
Qualification: MBBS, MD, Consultant Psychiatrist


Name: Dr. Debal Laha
Qualification: MD, DM Consultant neurologist


Name: Dr.Avinandan Banerjee
Qualification: DM (Nephrology), MBBS (CAL),MD, Gold Medalist DM


Name: Dr. S.K.Sarkar
Qualification: M.SC,MD (HOM) DMS (KOL),BHMS


Name: Dr. Nirmalya Bhattacherjee
Qualification: MBBS,MD(G & O)

Name: Dr. Susmita Deb(Mazumder)
Qualification: MBBS D.G.O MD(G&O)

Name: Dr. Sucheta Mukherjee
Qualification: MBBS,MS(G & O)FICMCH


Name: Dr. Trayambak Samanta
Qualification: MD, DM

Name: Dr. Mrinal Ch. Biswas
Qualification: MBBS, PGD GM, DND-Name: , Register


Name: Dr. Raj Kumar Chaturvedi
Qualification: MS (ENT)


Name: Dr. Sankar Nath Jha
Qualification: MD, PGDHS (Diabetology), DIP Diabetology, (U.K)Diploma in Endocrinology, (U.K) MCCP, MACP (USA) Consultant Physician.


Name: Mrs.Elora Mukherjee
Qualification: CNDV,CAL Clinical dietitian & nutritionist


Name: Dr. S.N.Chatterjee
Qualification: MD(Dermatology)

Child Specialist

Name: Dr.Soumen Sur
Qualification: MD


Name: Dr. Subasish Bera
Qualification: MBBS,DIP,CARD

Name: Dr. Rakesh Sarkar
Qualification: DM (Cardio)

Name: Dr.Bhubandeep Mukhopadhyay
Qualification: MCH (Cardiothoracic & Vascular surgeon)

Name: Dr. Arin Kr. Mukhopadhya
Qualification: MBBS, DIP CARD PGD


What is the Lakhotia Diagnostic Service Pvt. Ltd. Address?

Anita Plaza, 24, Lenin Sarani, P.o. Mullick Para, Srirampore, Hooghly – 712203, West Bengal

What is the Lakhotia Diagnostic Service Pvt. Ltd. Contact Number?


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