Everything you need to know about the chin liposuction procedure

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When you look in the mirror and realize that your response is not what you envisioned, you are programmed to see a streamlined profile. However, for some of us, excess fat due to cardiovascular disease or weight gain creates that double chin or submental fullness. A double chin can occur for a variety of reasons, including hereditary factors, weight, anatomy, and tracheal location. It is important to understand what can happen under your skin. Is it just genetics? May be oily

“They’re not just looking at age spots; they’re looking at deeper fat deeper than the skin – the tissue below,” said plastic surgeon and researcher Lisa Ishii. “The process is very fast but we often see improvements in body contours.”

Do you need chin liposuction to remove the flab around your chin?

Common plastic surgery procedures for double chin include Schlema-Rosenwand, Shilomo and chin liposuction.

With the advancement of medical technology, chin liposuction is a simpler, smaller and less expensive method among many procedures. With this method, fat is intensively removed from under the skin for a more natural look.

In chin liposuction, physicians remove fat and loose skin around the chin to establish a smooth profile. “Patients sleep under general anesthesia, as well as with local anesthetic options,” Ishii said.

Like face-lifts, neck-lifting procedures can cause a stiff neck feeling for some time after the procedure. This can create challenges for shared arm activities such as jogging or swimming.

Chin liposuction is an invasive surgery that removes fat from around the chin and transfers it to other parts of the face, including the cheeks and temples. The procedure is relatively quick, but patients may experience swelling or sores within 2 weeks. Patients may also experience symptoms such as swelling, redness, and painful bumps in the surgical area that may affect their daily activity through the chin liposuction procedure within 8 weeks. Because smokers have a higher risk of complications during surgery

Alternatives to double chin surgery

Deoxycholic acid is a recently developed injectable treatment for a double chin. One problem with this treatment is that the results are usually seen after about six months of treatment.

Deoxycholic acid is a substance used by the gallbladder to dissolve fats in food. When it is injected into the skin below the chin, our body fat melts and it is excreted.

This nonsurgical procedure does not cause the slightest injury or discomfort as the tissue is not removed. At the end of the procedure, fat is sucked from the surface of your skin, which does not affect any surface other than the discoloration around the neck, back and abdomen.

Cheek liposuction review

Disadvantages of using chin liposuction include a high risk of complications and a blurred skin recovery. For those who have fatty tissue in the chin, genetic facial modification is an option that can create a natural, attractive look and still allow a woman to have some control over her body structure.

There are many features of lip gloss injections that have previously been seen only in human aesthetic vertebrae including the use of discomfort, possibly a swollen neck, painful injections and additional costs.

Ishii notes that the treatment provides lasting results considering how fast, painless and easy it is. Despite the flaws in the procedure there are mainly only good effects and lasting as long as you maintain a normal weight, people need to decide if they are ready to run a potentially painful process on many of them.

However, Ishii says that liposuction is not a quick fix that brightens many people. While it is growing in popularity, it requires perseverance and dedication, which is rapidly losing its novelty.

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