Contact Lenses for Eye Treatment – Alternative for Eyeglasses

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Contact Lenses for Eye Treatment: Contact lens is an eye lens, which is planted in front of the Black part of the eyes to cure short-sightedness. Contact lenses are also used to treat another eye disease.

Use of Contact Lens

  • Those who do not want to wear glasses can use a power contact lens. Plus, minus astigmatic all types of contact lenses are available.
  • Those who have wounds in their eye pupil and during opening and closing the eye wound become raw again and again, in their case they need to use bandage contact lens.
  • If lime falls on the eyes, then a contact lens can be given to protect the eye from various damages.
  • To hide the scars on the Black part of the eye Cosmetic contact lens can be used.
  • Due to congenital eye defects those who are more sensitive towards the light, cannot go in light, they can also use some special contact lenses.
  • Fashion-conscious people can use colored contact lenses to increase the attractiveness of the eyes.

Types of Contact Lens

Generally, there are three types of lenses.

  1. Hard contact lens
  2. RGP contact lens
  3. soft contact lens.

Terms of use Contact Lenses for Eye Treatment

  • Firstly, do not use contact lens without the advice of a specialist doctor. Contact lenses must be cleaned regularly with a specified solution or liquid. Do not use expired liquids.
  • Change the contact lens if it gets too old. A hard contact lens should not be used for long periods of time. It can be used for a short time(3/4 hours) in a day.
  • RGP and soft contact lenses can be used for 15 to 20 hours.
  • It is better to clean the lenses with a specific liquid or solution every 24 hours.
  • If the eyes are red while using contact lenses it has to be removed and should take the advice of an Ophthalmologist.

Problems with Contact Lenses

  • Chemicals that stays in the lens cleaning fluid, can create allergy in the eyes.
  • If water accumulates in the Black part of the eye, later it can create a wound.
  • Due to the pressure of contact lenses on the eyes, there may be permanent astigmatism or vision shortage.
  • The lens can be damaged if it gets blurred. Finally, we can say that, as an alternative to glasses, using a contact lens at a low cost is quite popular. On the advice of a doctor, if we use the lens according to the rules then there will be no eye problem caused by contact lens and the use of lens becomes much more comfortable.
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