Foot Trigger Points: How to get the most out of your feet

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Foot Trigger Points: How to get the most out of your feet

Foot Trigger Points: How to get the most out of your feet is a blog article by foot expert Natalie Cox. In this post, she goes into detail about how the pressure points in different areas of your foot can affect your performance and how you can optimize these areas for improved foot health.

What is a foot trigger point?

The foot is made up of about one hundred and fifty bones. In addition, it has more than two hundred muscles in the foot, which makes for a very complex and active area of the body. The ball of the foot is called the metatarsophalangeal joint, or MTPJ as it’s referred to. For those who run, walk, dance, or even play basketball – this joint plays a huge role in allowing us to move through our daily lives with ease. If you have pain here, it can be due to many different causes including poor posture while standing or sitting at work or school and even food sensitivities

How to identify your own foot trigger points

Trigger points are the knots that prevent you from getting maximum body benefits and healing. Trigger points can make your muscles contract more tightly, which can cause stiffness and pain in the affected area. It is important to identify the trigger point before performing a few simple movements on it to release it’s tightness.

How to resolve your foot trigger points

Your feet deserve just as much TLC and attention as any other part of your body. Foot trigger points can cause serious pain, inflammation, and even infection in your lower leg. A recent study found that the number of trigger points in your feet is greater than any other part of the body. This makes sense because they support more weight and take more stress than any other part of our body.

Benefits of using trigger point massage

Trigger point massage is a type of massage that targets trigger points in the body. Trigger points are focal areas of muscle knots and they cause pain, tension, spasms, and tingling. Most people know that trigger point massage is used in sports therapy because it helps relieve muscle spasms and some other conditions. However, it also can be used to relieve stress and anxiety, improve mood, and increase range of motion.

Which exercises can help relieve your feet?

Foot Trigger Points are the points on your feet that are most often triggering your back and other muscles in your body. These trigger points can be found all over the bottom of the foot for example, on the heel and ball of the foot. To alleviate these trigger points, try doing this simple exercise: you need a stick or dowel rod about four feet long to do this, with a weight at each end. Start just below your toes on the front of your foot, then grab onto it as you bend forward, moving all of your weight onto one side of it while keeping your balance as you do so. The stick will help out tremendously here as it will keep you from falling over while you’re working to alleviate these trigger points.


Foot Trigger Points is the perfect blog for foot pain and accident prevention. This blog is intriguing, informative and creative. It’s a must-read for anyone looking to improve their body image, health, creativity and well being.

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