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Welcome to How To Lose Belly Fat in 2 Weeks Post. Day By Day My Belly Is Looking Like A Drums, I Can’t Accept it all. In Today’s Busy Life, Taking Care Of One’s Weight Has Become A Big Problem For All Of Us. And As A Result, Belly Fat Seems To Be Increasing Indefinitely.

How To Lose Belly Fat in 2 Weeks

Which Is Slowly Beginning To Have A Profound Effect On Our Confidence, Our Attitude, And The Various Activities Of Our Daily Life. I’m Not Talking About Making Six-pack Apps, But Everyone Wants A Lean, Beautiful Belly. If We Can Maintain It, We Will Have Different Confidence.

If You Also Have To Wear Pants That Are Bigger Than The Size You Are Supposed To Wear According To Your Height And Weight, Then It Is Time For You To Be A Little Serious About It. Because It Has A Very Bad Effect On Your Outlook And Fast Impression.

In Today’s Post, We Will Discuss How To Lose Belly Fat in 2 Weeks Just By Following Some Easy Steps. One Of The Biggest Mistakes That Many People Make Is That They Either Do Not Exercise Or Do Excise But Do Not Diet, It Is Not Right.

Both Diet And Exercise Are Very Important For Getting A Flat And Beautiful Belly. So I Will Talk About Some Exercises That You Must Do And Some Diet Tips That You Can Follow, In A Few Days You Will Get A Flat Beautiful Belly. And You Can Lead A Healthy Life Right Away, So Let’s Get Started.

Exercise To Lose Belly Fat in 2 Weeks


So First Of All Let’s Take A Look At Some Of The Exercises That Are Most Effective In Reducing Belly Fat. I Will Mainly Discuss Three Basic Exercises For Beginners That Anyone Can Do At Home If They Want, And For Which No Extra Tools Are Needed.

Exercise Number One Crunches, Crunches Are One Of The Best Effective Exercises For Belly Fat Burners. It Can Be Done In Many Ways, From Many Angles. We, Will, Do Two Exercises Of Main Crunches 1. Number One Twist Crunches, And 2. Number 2 Side Crunches.

Twist Crunches

Twist Crunches:

When Doing Twist Crunches You Will Try To Apply As Much Pressure As Possible On The Middle Portion Of The Abdomen. In This Way, You Do Twist Crunches 10 Times, 3 Sets.

Side Crunches

Side Crunches:

After That Side Crunches, For This, You Have To Balance The Body With One Hand, And Then You Have To Bend Slowly, Thus Doing Both Sides. Make Sure That The Main Pressure Is In The Middle Of The Abdomen. In This Way, You Will Do 10 Times Of 3 Set On Both Sides.

It Has Been Found That About 22,000 Crunches Are Required To Lose One Pound Or 0.45 Kg. One Pound Means Three And A Half Thousand, So Each Crunch Helps Reduce 0.159 Calories. If You Do Twenty Crunches Per Minute, You Will Be Able To Burn 3 Calories Per Minute.



Exercise No 2 Plank, Plank The Most Effective For Burning Belly Fat, Although It Is A Little Difficult. To Plank, You Will Have To Go Upside-down With Both Hands. The Whole Body Needs To Be Balanced By Resting On The Elbows And Legs. And The Body Has To Keep Straight Stand. This Is Why Plank Is Difficult Because You Can Reduce A Lot Of Fat With Just One Minute Of Plank.

If You Notice That You Are Sweating A Lot, Keep In Mind That It Is Better To Take A Little Rest Between Blanking Twice In A Row.


Most Of Us Don’t Have Time For Jogging In Our Exercise Routine, It Boosts Our Metabolism And Helps A Lot In Reducing Fat. It’s Great To Wake Up In The Morning And Do At Least Twenty To Thirty Minutes Of Jogging, And Now With The Blessings Of Technology, You Don’t Have To Go Out For Jogging.

If Unfortunately, There Is No Park Around Your Home, You Can Jog Through The Treadmill At Home. Remember That Your Main Goal Is To Reduce Your Belly Fat, And Jogging Makes It Much Easier By Sweating A Lot.

Food To Lose Belly Fat in 2 Weeks

A Healthy Diet With Excercise Is Very Important To Reduce Belly Fat, The Thing To Maintain To Reduce Belly Fat Is Calories In Less Than Calories Out.

Belly Fat Problem Is A Big Problem For All Kinds Of People With Big And Small Children And To Be Honest Everyone’s Diet Should Be Different. However, There Are Some Common Foods That Everyone Should Avoid If They Want To Reduce Belly Fat.

And There Are Some Foods That Must Be Taken On A Regular Basis. First Let’s Take A Look At Which Foods Should Be Avoided.

Foods Should Be Avoided


The Number One Is Sweet, If You Want To Get A Beautiful Fat-free Stomach, You Have To Eliminate These Things First, Because It Contains A Lot Of Calories.

Fast Food:

Number Two, Fast Food, Everyone Knows It, So There’s No Need To Say More.


Number 3 Potatoes, Just 100 Grams Of Potatoes Contain About 77 Calories, So Potatoes Are The Biggest Enemy Of A Flat Reduction, So Try To Reduce Potato Consumption As Much As Possible.

Foods Should Be Consume:

Here Are Some Healthy Foods That Will Help You Get A Beautiful Fat-free Stomach. The Name Of The Diet That Will Help You In This Is “Zero Belly” Diet. Don’t Worry, These Direct Ingredients Are As Beautiful As Their Names. This Diet Was Tested On Over 500 People And The Result Was Able To Reduce 7.25 Kg In 2 Weeks.

So Let’s See What The “Zero Belly” Diet

Z For Zero Belly Drink:

Zero Belly Drink Like Mango Juice, Lemon Juice, Or Lemon Tea.

E For Egg:

Eggs Contain A Lot Of Protein Which Helps The Body In Fat-burning.

R For Red Fruit:

Red Fruit Contains Many Phytonutrients That Help Reduce Belly Fat.

O For Olive Oil:

Olive Oil, If You Use Olive Oil Instead Of Any Ordinary Oil For Everyday Use, It Will Help A Lot To Reduce Fat.

B For Berry:

Strawberries And Blueberries Are Fruits That Prevent Fat Accumulation.

E For Extra Plant:

Extra Plants Are The Main Source Of Protein In Most Of Our Current Diet But It Makes Us Gain Weight. We Need To Replace It With Plant Protein As Much As Possible.

L For Lean Meat:

Lean Meat Is A Very Good Source Of Protein So It Is Low In Fat.

L For Leafy Green:

Leafy Green, Vegetables Especially Green Or Brightly Colored Vegetables, These Mainly Prevent Fatcell Formation.

Y For Your Favourite:

Your Favorite, Finally Some Of Your Favorite Foods But In Very Small Quantities So That You Can Complete This Incomplete Diet.

Set Yourself A Target First And Try To Apply The Exercises For Only Two Weeks. I Am Sure You Will Also Notice A Positive Change. Remember Laziness Fuels More Laziness. Activity Fuels More Activity.

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Because Who Can Say That Maybe They Can Be Helped Even A Little, And By Commenting Below Let Us Know What Next Topic You Want To Read The Post.

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