Is Gatorade Zero Good for Diabetics

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Is Gatorade Zero Good for Diabetics

Gatorade is a popular sports drink that contains a lot of sugar, which diabetics should be avoiding. However, there is now a new version of Gatorade, Gatorade Zero, which has no sugar at all and is instead made up of water. If you are diabetic and considering buying some Gatorade Zero then this review will tell you if it’s healthy for you or not.

What is Gatorade Zero

Gatorade Zero is a fruit-flavored drink made by PepsiCo that has no sugar and zero calories. It is not for diabetics though because it does not replace sustenance.

Is Gatorade Zero good for diabetics?

Gatorade Zero is a drink that claims it does not contain any sugar. However, it does contain artificial sweeteners such as sucralose and acesulfame potassium. In studies, sucralose was found to cause cancer in rats. The ingredient acesulfame potassium has been shown to cause tumors in the stomach and intestines of rats when consumed daily for two years.

Is Gatorade Zero healthy?

Gatorade Zero is a drink that contains no sugar or calories. It’s made for people who have diabetes and want to avoid consuming large amounts of sugar. But does it really have the benefits that it claims? There is some evidence to suggest that Gatorade Zero can be healthy for diabetics because it may help to decrease blood sugar levels and regulate insulin production. However, according to the Center for Science in the Public Interest, there’s not enough evidence to say that Gatorade Zero will help keep your blood sugar levels balanced because of how many other factors play a role in balancing blood sugar levels. The bottom line is that there are risks involved with drinking Gatorade Zero if you’re diabetic or trying to achieve a healthy lifestyle, so talk with your doctor before making this treat part of your diet.


The conclusion of the study showed that Gatorade Zero did not help lower blood sugar levels by decreasing insulin resistance.

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  1. Please reference the rat studies cited. I’d like to offer a review as the criticism if studies are properly done could be valuable; however, without study references, the review can only be considered neutral as cautionary for lacking such. Thank you.


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