What Should I Do If My Wife Yells at Me

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It’s a million-dollar question, My wife is always screaming at me, My Wife Yells at Me. What is the solution, Guruji? Will I be free of all these things? This is the biggest question of all the men.

What Should I Do If My Wife Yells at Me

I’ve seen a lot of boys or men when they get together, they are so happy. Chatting about all the yelling and fighting which happens at their home. Gossiping about it. They enjoy that. Now the whole problem, the whole issue, why a woman is behaving like this, why the woman is so angry most of the time is what the men are thinking. But if you look at very deeply, if you go to the very source of this problem, the problem is not the woman, my dear friends. It’s all about you.

Now. Why the woman is behaving like this?

If you ask this one simple question, you would have got the answer. One and the only reason is tremendous amount of suppression, my dear friends. Tremendous amount of suppression. Now this suppression leads to depression. And this depressed soul or the depressed heart screams like that. If you go to the reasons of why My Wife Yells at Me, it is only because of the men. The male community doesn’t understand the female heart. That’s where the real problem is. See, if you look at the male energy in the cosmos and the female energy, these two energies are two different kinds. They are not the same plane. This is a totally different kind of breed. The feminine energy and the male energy is totally different. If you look very deeply, the mail is very calculated. The male is very logical, the male is very intellectual. All these are male quality.

When you look at the woman or the feminine energy, they are very intuitive. A woman is very emotional. They are not logical, they are not calculated. They are not intellectual. But they are very intelligent. The intellectual mind and intelligent mind. They are two different things. They are very life sensitive. They are very lively, very emotional, very intuitive. They are not calculated. There’s no logic behind their activity or the way in which they behave. Completely different an emotional being whereas a man is completely a different being.

Now, this is what the man doesn’t understand when you take the male energy, say, for example, when you come from office let me give you a very simple example. You may be a very big professional businessman. You may be a professional doctor. You may be an engineer or a lawyer or an architect or an accountant. You are a big man. You make plenty of money. You rule the whole world. There are about 1000 employees in your office and today you have made a big business of, say, $1 million or two crow rupees.

And you’re coming home with a proud that you have made so much of money. When you come to your home, your wife is very simple girl. She has been cooking all through the day. She has been with the kids and all through the day. When you enter the house, she’s full of love and emotion. She wants to come the moment you entered the house. She comes and sits in front of you and she’s sharing simple little things which has happened all through the day. It could be a very little thing how she prepared the lunch or she might talk about a television show which she was watching during the afternoon.

Or there could be a story which has happened with the neighbor. It could be a very simple thing. Or it could be a simple conversation which she had with her mother over the telephone. Now, all these things might look very silly for you the moment your wife starts sharing about all these things. Now, you might feel, what nonsense is all these petty things? I am a big businessman. I’ve done so much of business. She’s talking some little petty things. I don’t have time in all these things to listen. Now, this is where the problem starts for them. This is life. Life is all about little things, my dear friends.

Life is all about very small things which they do. It matters. It might be a small problem also in the house. They would like to share it with you. Now, when you come from office, when you look at the problem, the problem in your angle might be a very petty thing. It might be the silliest thing in the world for you. But for her, that is the biggest problem in the world. There could be a small fight between her and the maid. It is the biggest thing for her. Now, don’t assume that when they share the problem they are not looking for any solution. They are just looking for some person to share. It is an emotional outburst.

They cannot share it with anyone. You are the only one who’s available for them to share. Now this is where the man goes wrong. He doesn’t have years to listen. You don’t have patience to listen to all these things. You just ignore them and go now this is the biggest issue my dear friends. The moment a man ignores this of the moment the man thinks it is very silly or the look which you give makes her disturbs her, it disturbs a lot and she goes into tremendous amount of suppression.

The next time she doesn’t want to share it with you, she doesn’t want to talk to you ( My Wife Yells at Me). This goes into very deeper suppression. It could be very little things. And the moment such suppression starts happening and as days goes by this turns into a very big depression and they go into a shell now and this will cause tremendous amount of stress inside them. And you know what? It goes to a stage where even the physical relationship between you, between the man and woman completely breaks. She doesn’t want to have a physical relationship with you, they don’t want to have sex. And this creates tremendous amount of suppression within a woman. And this is where the problem starts.

And the moment this suppression happens all the energies turn negative. And for every small things they started shouting, the anger comes, everything is bursting inside it’s a big volcano which is getting erupted inside a woman. Now, all the reasons cause for all these things is only because of the suppression. Because the man doesn’t give the space for the woman to play around. They have their own space of life. Life is not about creating big things my dear friends. It’s all about doing small things with full of love and care. A woman is always like that. She’s a very emotional being. Now this lack of understanding and the moment there is a lack of understanding you don’t accept the woman as she is now.

The woman doesn’t get the space to play around with whatever little things she wants to do with you. Now, this is where the problem starts. The root causes the male doesn’t understand the woman. The woman’s emotional or intuitive quality is her very nature. That is fundamental. The woman is so beautiful about whatever she is now that’s why she is a woman, that’s why you are a male. These two energies have to coexist. If both the person are very similar or both are logical means life will become miserable. It is the way in which nature is designed. A woman has to be a woman.

A woman need not turn around into a man, a man has to be a man. They both are complementary. You cannot be contradictory. You need to understand the woman as she is an accepted the day on which it happens. The woman gets her own space and she becomes so beautiful and she flowers into so beautifully. And when a woman is like that it is extremely beautiful and life just flows like that. It is so wonderful to allow the woman the way she is and you be the way you are.

The whole problem is with you people. The moment you understand this, your whole life changes (My Wife Yells at Me). The woman just falls at your feet and she gives all the things which you need. This is the biggest secret. Give them the space. Understand that she is intuitive. She’s not you. You are very different. The woman is very different. You need to allow them to just flow. Give them the space. Everything will turn around, you know? This is the biggest secret. Money, friend. Yes.

I hope clear all things “What Should I Do If My Wife Yells at Me”, please do comment, what you thinking.

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