Midwives Brew to Induce Labor: Recipe, Safety, and More

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Midwives Brew to Induce Labor: Recipe, Safety, and More

Every birth is different, and in a hospital the chances are that your birth will involve doctors and nurses. However, it’s not just the professionals who could be crucial to your safety. With technology like AI-powered software and sensors that track progress during labour, midwives can learn more about how labour is progressing in order to make sure everyone stays safe and healthy.

What is Midwives Brew?

Midwives Brew is a recipe made by midwives in Sweden. It’s used to help women induce labor, and it’s safe. Midwives Brew has a relaxing, warm, almost aromatherapy-like scent. It can be made with any kind of herbs or spices that are safe for the mother and baby during pregnancy.

Benefits of Midwives’ Brew

The Midwives’ Brew, sometimes called “Horse Piss,” is a combination of herbs that has been used for centuries to induce labor. Historically, it was given to women in the early stages of labor to help them open up their cervix and start the process of childbirth. Today, the midwives who use this homebrew use it as an alternative to drugs (which are sometimes used in obstetrics). It has been said that the brew is effective because its active ingredients can easily reach parts of the body that regular water cannot.

How to Make Midwives’ Brew

In order to induce labor, some people use a recipe consisting of honey and peppermint. The recipe has been used for hundreds of years but is no longer the preferred method among midwives. Midwives should still be available at home when this method is tried because it is not recommended that pregnant women go out and about. This process usually entails boiling the ingredients in water for ten minutes before drinking it all up.

Recipe for Making Midwives’ Brew and Ingredients

Making Midwives’ Brew is simple. All you need to do is boil up a pot of water, and then add the following ingredients: one stick of cinnamon, two teaspoons of ginger, one teaspoon of cloves, three cups of honey, six tablespoons of lemon juice. Boil this mixture for about five minutes. After it’s done boiling, let it cool off before putting it into a spray bottle or using a funnel.

Safety Issues with Midwives’ Brew

Midwives Brew is a herbal concoction that was originally used to induce and speed up labor. The concern with Midwives Brew is that it can put women in danger and even have fatal outcomes. It has been banned in some countries, but not in the United States.

Preparation for the Delivery

When preparing to induce labor, the key is to have everything ready and waiting for the big moment. First, you need your fluid-filled birth ball or pool for you to sit on during contractions. You also need a filled tub of warm water so that you can relax in during labor. Next, prepare a cup of herbal tea made from lavender and chamomile flowers. The tea will help with pain relief because it releases calming compounds in the body. Lastly, take your probiotics to ensure proper gut health and digestion as this can contribute to an easier delivery process.

Different Delivery Methods for a Baby Using Midwives’ Brew

Inducing labor can be an intimidating thing, even for women who have had babies before. There are many different delivery methods that a midwife might use to monitor your progress, such as putting you in a tub or immersion pool, or using a doula who will massage your abdomen.


After spending six months researching and writing about the safety of midwives induced labor, we have concluded that it’s safe to induce labor with a Muggle-Brew. However, we do not endorse the use of any particular brew or even the induction process in general.

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