Mouth Expander: Types, Uses, and Adjusting

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Mouth Expander Review: Types, Uses, and Adjusting

There have been many benefits that come with being able to expand your vocabulary. However, not everyone has the time or financial support needed to take on this task. With the help of a digital mouth expansion device, you can learn new words and speak with flair from the comfort of your own home! In this blog, we will explore the features of a mouth expander and how it might be for you!

What is a Mouth Expander?

A mouth expander is a device that is inserted into the mouth to enlarge the size of the oral cavity and provide effective treatment for wisdom teeth, impacted molars and temporomandibular joint disorder. Just like any other orthodontic appliance, it is designed with a wire retainer that must be securely worn behind the upper teeth. The design of each supporter has been carefully thought out to achieve optimal results when used correctly.

Types of mouth expanders

There are three types of mouth expanders, which are the following:
-The plug
-The gel cap
-The balloon

How to choose a mouth expander

There are many types of mouth expanders. Some expander materials are natural such as rubber, silicone or metal. Other kinds of materials include, but not limited to alloys, osmiridium and ceramics. The type you choose depends on your needs–whether you need a durable, long-lasting material or if you would like the option to change out the tip for a different size later down the line.

When, why, and how to use a mouth expander

The mouth expander is a device that is used to create an expansion of the jaw. It gently pulls on the lower lip and pushes the upper lip out, allowing more space for larger teeth, which can also be accomplished with braces. The use of a mouth expander is meant to help people who have issues with crowding in their mouths, such as those with metal braces or dental implants. A mouth expander can also be helpful for those who are undergoing treatment for cancer or a tumor.

How long does a mouth expander last

The manufacturer says that a mouth expander lasts 120 days, but it’s likely to last much longer depending on how you take care of the device. Mouth expanders are thought to be more comfortable than other types of braces because they don’t put pressure on teeth.


The first mouth expander I used was a clear ball. It was basically a clear, squishy rubber ball. Once I got used to it, I started using a bigger ball. There are many types of mouth expanders on the market today including silicone and acrylic. These different materials will affect the outcomes that come with your use of the device. The most popular mouth expanders are called “bulkers” and they work by forcing you to chew more vigorously which in turn makes your cheeks puff up like they do when you kiss someone deeply or yawn a lot.

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