In Depth Guide to the Non Surgery Breast Lift

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In Depth Guide to the Non Surgery Breast Lift

Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure that will change the size of your breasts or reshape them by adding volume to the breast. There are also nonsurgical procedures for enhancing the effects of breast augmentation too. In this article, find out what a non surgical breast lift is and how it can be done.

What is a non surgical breast lift?

A non surgical breast lift is a procedure that improves the breasts without having to go through surgery. It takes advantage of the natural elasticity of the skin and muscle. In this procedure, the surgeon would make incisions in order to remove excess skin and connective tissue. They then put in new skin with a collagen or silicone matrix to help it adhere to the body. This helps make breasts appear more lifted, younger, and firmer.

The benefits of a non surgical breast lift

The non surgical breast lift is a minimally invasive breast enhancement procedure that can help women who are unhappy with the size or shape of their breasts. A patient undergoes this procedure without incisions, making it more convenient than a traditional surgery. This non-surgical approach provides patients with a smaller recovery time and is typically less costly than other procedures.

The risks of a non surgical breast lift

There are a few risks associated with non surgical breast lifts. The most important of these is that it might not work. This risk also includes an increased risk of a rare complication called capular contracture which causes the nipple to become stuck in the center of the breasts, and is characterized by pain, discomfort, and redness. Another risk with this procedure is that one might need more surgery in the future because of complications.

How much does a non surgical breast lift cost?

It is estimated that the cost of a non-surgical breast lift is around $6,000 USD.

Do I need to take any medications for the procedure?

The procedure itself is very simple. However, many people are also concerned about how it will affect their health in the long-term. The most common concern is that during surgery, fat may be removed from your thighs or love handles instead of from your breasts. This typically happens when you have a lot of fat on your hips. In the event that you do need to take medications for this procedure, you should start with Tylenol and then work up to ibuprofen as needed.

What are the recovery steps after the non surgery treatment?

If the non-surgical treatment was successful, you should have little to no pain during the recovery process. This will be due to the large amount of swelling in your breasts. The first step after the surgery is to drain off any blood and fluid from your breasts so that they can return back to their normal, full size. You will then need to do some gentle massage around your breasts to loosen any scar tissue and help it heal properly. The most important thing is that you leave enough time for this process before you try anything else like exercise or a bra.

Final thoughts

Some final thoughts which are left to the discretion of the reader, a breast lift will never be able to undo years and years of aging damage. It is not going to make your breasts firm again, it is not going to reduce stretch marks or remove excess skin. However, it can enhance your overall appearance by removing sagging skin and giving you back some shape.

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