Curved Spine Symptoms Causes and Scoliosis Treatment

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Welcome to the Scoliosis Treatment post. Is your waist constantly bending or there is a feeling of curvature in the bone? This spine disease can be a symptom of scoliosis. This disease can happen to people from newborns to any age. To cure this disease, doctors take a test or X-ray of the spine. Symptoms are checked. The bones that are bent are treated. The doctor may also give you medicines. In some cases, braces are also installed at the back for support. With the help of braces, the possibility of surgery can be prevented to a great extent in children, so get treatment on time.

What is Scoliosis?

When you have Scoliosis, your spine starts to curve, and your back starts to bend. Some people have this disease from birth and some may get this disease later. This disease does not spread from one to another, but it can definitely be genetic. If someone in your family has Scoliosis, then you can also get this disease. There are two types of scoliosis. The first is structural when the spine is physically curved and the second is functional when the spine is curved. It also happens due to the habit of hanging heavy things on the shoulder. Mild scoliosis does not require treatment, but you should have time to time checkups. Our spine helps us to maintain balance, but if we lose this balance then imbalance takes the form of disability. Do not let this happen.

Symptoms of Scoliosis

In this disease your spine starts to crook, the shoulders do not feel equal, the level of the hips become incorrect, only may be bigger than the other leg, your clothes stop getting dit or the waist starts bending or sharp pain arises from the back and waist. In this disease, the ribs start protruding abnormally. Sharp pain arises in the bones of the spine. Even if there is a change in your size without gaining weight, understand that there may be symptoms of scoliosis. These are all symptoms of scoliosis. The sooner you get to know the symptoms of this disease, the sooner you will be able to cure it.

How to Scoliosis Treatment?

For this, you should go according to the advice of the doctor. If you have been asked to wear a belt L, don’t slack off. Wear the belt every day. Apart from these eat other sources of vitamin D apart from almonds, spinach, oats, avocado. Don’t forget to eat green leafy vegetables. You have to take a diet full of vitamins. Eat turnip, spinach, broccoli, banana.

Treatment of Scoliosis.

Treatment of scoliosis depends on age and severity. Some people who have mild scoliosis get better quickly. If young children have this disease, then they are not treated at the time because the crooked bone becomes straight with age. In some cases, doctors put a plaster or plastic brace behind, In slightly older children, a brace is also applied so that the shape becomes perfect, In some cases, surgery is also done to straighten the spine. For this, a rod is used and it is fitted with a screw. Adults who have this disease are given painkillers, massages, or injections to reduce their pain.

Avoid these mistakes in Scoliosis.

If you have this disease, then you do not have to lift heavy weights or do heavy weight exercises. Light exercise can be done. This will increase the blood flow in the body and the strength of the body will increase. You can exercise unless the doctor forbids you for a specific reason. Apart from this, you do not have to do any work in which you have to lean forward. You should avoid sleeping on your stomach. Some people use laptops or phones by leaning too much. You don’t have to make such a mistake. You have to pay attention to your posture.

Excersise for Scoliosis.

  1. You can do a tree pose that is Vrikshasana. This will help in making the right posture. Stand straight and put your hands in the namaskar position. Stand with the soles of one foot on the thigh of the other foot. Stay like this for a minute then come back to normal. You have to do this process for 15 minutes.
  2.  The second exercise is roll exercise. In this, you have to lie on your back and keep the neck straight. Keep both hands away from the body. Raise the legs up and bend the knees. Press the hips and move to the left. Repeat this process 20 times. This exercise also helps in correcting the curve made in the spine.
  3.  You can also do bird dog stretching in scoliosis. In this, you take a gym ball. Lie down on the ball on your stomach. Balance the body with the toes. Raise the left leg and right hand up. Stay like this for 3 seconds. Then repeat it with the other arm and leg. Take the help of someone while holding the gym ball. Otherwise, you make get hurt.
  4.  Breathing exercises can also help to get rid of scoliosis. This helps in straightening the spine. To do this, lie down on your back and straighten your shoulders. Keep the fingers on the chest and breathe in and out. Bend the knees and keep the soles close to the ground. Do this for 20 minutes.

By keeping these things in mind, you can get rid of this disease, but do not start the treatment at home, do treatment or exercise only after consulting a doctor.

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