Learn on How to Prevent Seroma After Lipo

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Learn on How to Prevent Seroma After Lipo

Seroma is a fluid collection that occurs as a result of liposuction, where the lump of fat removed from the body is not absorbed as expected and it accumulates in the body. If you get seroma after lipo, you may have difficulty breathing, experience pain in your chest, have faintness or weakness. It’s important to know how to prevent and treat seroma after lipo.

What is seroma

Seroma is a mucus-like fluid that forms inside the fatty area of your body after liposuction. The fluid may contain blood, bacteria, and fat cells. It can occur in the armpit, subcutaneous tissue, or around other organs. It can also occur when you have any type of lymph node surgery.

How to prevent seroma after lipo

A seroma is a fluid collection inside the body that may form after an operation, pregnancy, or even the use of certain medications. Seromas are not a common condition and only occur in about 10% of people who have had liposuction. To reduce the chances of developing a seroma, here is some information that you should know before having your procedure done:

What causes seroma after lipo?

An after-lipo fluid retention (seroma) is the result of an injury or a severe procedure. Seromas occur when the body tries to fill in the space left by any fat removed during liposuction. The skin can be pulled closed and form a hard knot, but it’s important to prevent this from happening. Below are some ways to prevent seroma after lipo:

Treatment for seroma after lipo

The most common treatment for a seroma after lipo is to apply an ice pack to the affected area. The ice helps reduce swelling and inflammation and can help improve circulation. To further reduce the amount of fluid build up, you should try situating the bra over top of the breasts

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